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And that’s not all the bloody damned Kementerian Hal-Ehwal Dalam Negeri (Home Affairs Ministry of which the Prime Minister is in charge of) banned… for the full list, visit here courtesy of Silverfish Books. I’m a bit late in commenting this, but at least am commenting about it, no?

So idiotic. So silly. So stupid. So siao. Soso… @$^&*%!!

Suffice to say, I’m just so damn, absolutely PISSED OFF… what the hell possessed the knowledge-deprived, intellectually retarded officers at the Home Ministry in Johor to ban these books?? Simply because they want to put a stop to Malaysians going across the border to Singapore to buy the banned books??

Children’s books (Why oh tell me why in the world were books like Read Aloud Children’s Classics and Poems & Prayers for Children banned???), books that talk and discuss frankly about sex, important books from famous authors like Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Robert Jordan and even books on well-known celebrities like Robbie Williams (Maybe they think kids will get influenced to become Robbie Williams after reading this book!)!  Even the Vagina Monologues and the Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood got the axe! Do they have shit for brains or what?

I know I’m a bit foul with my words now, so I apologise, because in my current rage, I cannot find a more “polite” description of these brutal acts of terrorism against intellectual property and books!

Damn it, how many more banned books and movies are we going to tolerate?? Are we going to let them do it until they’ve rendered the entire Malaysian public intellectually-retarded, incapable of reasoning, incapable of higher-order thinking and full of nonsense just like them?

Excuse me, Mr Shit-for-brains-who-ordered-the-books-banned, you may want to be an intellectually retarded government servant who blindly follows orders from your “morally upright” Masters who continues to shield politicians who close one eye, build grand buildings for themselves without building plans and demolish legitimate businesses – but get this straight… LEAVE THE REST OF US MALAYSIANS OUT OF IT!!!

Damn, I’ve just written why I thought Malaysia is the best place to live…and you screwy people in the Home Ministry have shit-fucking screw things up!! Love the country but HATE…no LOATHE the people running the government system. If we adults can’t broaden our minds and openly receive ideas and encourage debate and independent reasoning, this country is going down the drain!

Already in schools there are teachers who are force-feeding the students information that puts Malaysia in a positive light and spreading gross untruths about other things. Now we are not even allowed to read books on sex, Islam and what other people have to say about Malaysia! Heck, even SpongeBob Squarepants and The Wiggles are not spared the axe! What? The Home Minstry afraid that children will think yellow sponges are going to come alive and talk to them while they scrub their body parts which they probably don’t know the real name of?

Eyeris wrote a very sarcastic and satirical piece on how those nuts at the Johor checkpoint came to the decision of banning these books. I’m not sure whether I ought to laugh or be plain frightened by it. Like Bibliobibuli (she also commented on this issue at her blog over here) said in the comments section of Eyeris’ post – Eyeris could be right!

Lord…we are being terrorised by little Maos (Napoleans are too “soft,” the act of banning these books are akin to Mao Zedong’s bloody Cultural Revolution, except there’s no bloodbath in Malaysia yet! They like Mao so much they’ve decided to be selfish and keep all books on Mao for themselves…the better for them to be living personifications of Mao)…The fact that they banned Sponge Bob Square Pants and The Wiggles and also The Sarong Party Girl (which, incidentally, has been in Malaysia for quite a long time before they decided to ban it! And not to mention that I’ve also interviewed the author!) is evidence enough that the officials at the Home Ministry could not tell the difference between a dangerous book and a harmless book. Even if a book is dangerous, the public reserves the right to be a judge of that and moral policing in anyway is utterly wrong as it infringes on the right for individualS to freely express their opinions.

The banning of books is a serious crime which must be stopped at once! Stop treating us Malaysians as fools without capabilities for logical reasoning. Stop deciding what we should read or should not read – you’re not our parents! Do you really think we Malaysians are that fragile and easy to believe in everything that we read in books? How dare you look down upon us as if we’re mere children? There are even children who are smarter and capable of more rational thinking than half of you Ministry bozos put together.

Go ahead, ban them. Malaysia’s now officially the laughing stock of the world. You’ve only succeeded in strengthening the resolve of the Malaysian public to obtain the banned books and see what the freaking hell got all your feathers ruffled up. Heck, I’m going to tell you this – I’m even prepared to go to jail for possessing these books and reading them in public! Try and stop me!  

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