‘Small Penis’ Leads to Boy’s Suicide

Small penis’ leads to boy’s suicide

HE WAS a second-year student at a top junior college, a member of the school volleyball team, a cheerful and energetic boy who was doing well enough in his studies to take Special Papers.  

Yet on March 3 this year, the 18-year-old jumped to his death from a Bedok housing block, because he was convinced his private parts were too small. 

Delivering a verdict of suicide on Tuesday, State Coroner Tan Boon Heng was sufficiently concerned by this “tragedy of misinformation” to recommend that the case be forwarded to the Ministry of Education (MOE).  

“The importance of sex education to our young people in schools cannot be over-emphasised,” he wrote.  

“The case study is useful for relevant MOE officers to appreciate the problem of the severity of misinformation even among the best and brightest in our schools.”  

The boy, who cannot be named, had confided in his mother in October last year that he was worried his penis was too small.  

She took him to a neighbourhood clinic, where the doctor told him his penis was of a normal size for an Asian man, and prescribed him multivitamins. 

Despite strong emotional support from his girlfriend and his mother, he remained convinced he had a problem. He also had a history of being stressed over schoolwork.  

In January, he told his mother that his life was “boring and meaningless” and that the only thing stopping him from suicide was his family's love.  

On March 3, after his usual volleyball practice, he took a bus from school to the Bedok interchange, but did not take his usual connecting bus home. When his sister sent him a text message at around 7pm to ask if he was coming home for dinner, he replied that he would eat out. 

The next and final message she received from him was at 8pm, telling her and their mother to take care. 

They realised something was wrong, but he repeatedly failed to answer his phone.  

He jumped from a housing block near the Bedok bus interchange at around 8.30pm. 

He was semi-conscious when he was taken to Changi General Hospital, but was pronounced dead at 10.40pm from multiple injuries. – The Straits Times / Asia News Network  

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  2. jilly

    its natural to be shocked but ultimately he wasn’t going to enjoy a single day of the next 50 years. education would not have changed his size. he’s at peace now.

    • john

      you are a fucking piece of shit for saying that. I hope women like you fucking burn in hell for all the stress you cause to men. You are basically saying he should have killed himself and it was a good decision. It’s not even that severe regarding women today. FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!1

      • Stephen

        Thanks, John. Unfortunately, Jilly is an example of the extreme cruelty that women inflict on men. They have no problem destroying men over the size of a body part he was born with and cannot change. Women like that are incapable of love and compassion and do belong in hell.

    • Johnson

      I bet you have a massive nasty stinking cunt which is why you say these horrible things. I hope someone you love kills themselves or you do because people like you don’t deserve to be on this planet with the rest of us you nasty foul smelling large cunt fat bitch!

  3. A study was made about the size of the penis, women are more about the motion than the size, however, a guys with a bigger penis will feel confident about himself and will satisfy any woman in bed.
    Writing from experience!!
    Good Luck!

  4. Cheese

    Give me a break! Whatever! kraftcheesy@mac.com

  5. so, for men size does matter?

  6. rob

    i hardly think its triviala lot of people would kill themselves if they were disfigured or had small genitalsput yourself in their position!

  7. iulian

    he was a brave man. god bless him wherever he may be now.
    I would do the same if it weren’t my family.
    my cock is 4’3/4 inches

  8. N

    Respect for the young man. I just wish he had access to a less painful death.

    Myself, I will use sleeping tablets and plastic bag over my head or when I have access to a car gas myself after taking sleeping pills.

    • Russell

      Don’t waste your time. A fatal dose of Dilaudid would be far more effective. You just have to know your way around a syringe.

  9. PeteMoylan

    I agree with jilly. Some guys just aren’t dealt a good hand. It’s not fair but life isn’t fair.

  10. pete

    nearly all male with size issues will not discuss the matter due to embarassment, along with ridicule from from friends, strangers or your girlfriend, most teeenagers dont realise that these remarks can cause extreme sense of feeling that because of your size you can never satisy a woman, for the past 23 years i have dealt with and investigated the problem personally, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, deep down all women will wonder if bigger is better and look elsewhere and in the course of doing so will sometimes say some cruel remarks just to end a relationship that can have a lasting devastating effect

  11. Jay

    “because such a tragic incident could have been prevented. ” really how so??? I personally deal witht his exact issue all my life.. im 4.5..and always wondered if I feel this way how would those smaller feel? Ive had women leave me because of this..No one can know because i would become a joke…had a lot of friends in highschool but knew mingling with girls in the group circle would be to risky fo rme since once we broke up shed just go aorund telling her gfs this and that..I just avoided it.

    Always dated girls from other schools. Now im 26 and Im at the age where I should be dating..Im an aerage ooking guy with a great personality but the only thing that gets in the way of myrelationships is this issue..Now when I see a pretty grl my age that I want to talk to..I think about approaching and all of a sudden i flash fwd to “what will she think when she sees it” and the reality is I MYSELF think its pathetic…I myself have been contemplating suidide..not that I would do it becase I love my mother to much and she wouldnt be able to handle it..

    sEE THIS ISNT MY Only issue I also have severe eczema and now onset of arthritis at this age! how sad is that..I cant do much but gamble and drink…I use to be afraid of dying younger..now I almost welcome the fact 😦 like a quick death would be ideal..plane crash or car crash some instant that I DIDNT CAUSE…but I fear that things will not happen that way..I just hope I can find strength in my life so one day i Just dont decide to take my life …and if I were I would def do it by opiate overdose…w/e thats my piece

  12. Jay

    and so add to that the only way tragic things like this could be prevented would be if the human culture didnt make a joke of it or shame people like us…I WAY TOO OFTEN see small penises as the butt of a joke…I ahvent gone ONE WEEk not seeing a commercial, show, movie anything that didnt include a small penis joke…just reminds me everyday..its bad enough I have to use this thing everyday to piss!

  13. Jay

    Since Suicide is not an option for me or desire…over the years Ive just turned to drugs and alcohol to cover up my daily pains. I remember when I was a teen I saw this would happen to me..jut alawyas hoped Id have a lot of money so I can buy any drug I wanted…Ive even smoked crack several times…yeah it waws great and all btu then Id want more.so I saw how easily it could ruin my life even more than it already is! so I just drink a lot and snort cocaine..Im not a bad person i just want to feel good and happy about myself 😦

  14. steve

    To Jay; i was like you. High school was excruciating I hung out with the cool kids good at sports all of them. I was 5′ 5′. Liked so many girls but for the same reason as you avoided a girlfriend so they wouldn’t talk. I was alway’s told you are cute just makes you more resentful. One thing i had on my side character. Jay you got to use that as motivation fuck the friends with there snive comments I heard them to. I heard that a Gym teacher was talking about my size with other students. Have a chip on youre shoulder find a job, get better at it. out work people. You have something to prove ALWAY’S. Outwork people make them look bad. Think of it as a character builder.
    The great thing happend for me. I got to be friends with a Pro Dominitrix she was gorgeous great body we became great friends and very close. She knew all about sex and relationships she changed my life. She basicaly showed me how to please women. It was great Iwas talking to beautiful women in clubs i was changed. Jay I am now 49 yrs old. Married to a beautiful women now for 8 yrs. And I to have physical pain issues.
    What I am trying to say the older you get the easier it gets You start to accept youreself for who you are. My twenties were the worst also. I would think of way’s of offin myself alot. Jay hang tough this situation makes you tougher. And don’t take crap from no one. Work out get stronger that was an huge outlet for me. And music. Sometimes it was just me and my albums.
    Dude hang in there it gets better. I lived it.

  15. Medi

    This is awful. I personally have a disproportionately sized penis to my body size. I’m 6 ft 1 and my penis is 7 inches, but only 4.25 around. Unfortunately, thickness is the part that matters.

    I’ve had sex with 9 women and eight of them have mentioned my penis size negatively. I’ve given them orgasms with other parts of my body and I’ve read all the articles. I’ve lived it and I can tell you, honestly, when it boils down, it doesn’t matter how many orgasms you give her with your fingers and tongue, she’s always going to want to feel you close against her, with a bigger penis, giving her the orgasm nature intended.

    And I hate.it.

    I am an athletic, intelligent, creative man. I write books. I create music. I sing songs. I play several instruments. I’ve been told I’m exceptionally good-looking but as soon as the clothes come off, women’s perceptions of me change. Relationships don’t last very long and I honestly no longer enjoy women’s company because I know where things ultimately lead; to their disappointment and to my self confidence having another shred torn out of it.

    Personally, I don’t care about breast size. Nor do I care about the size of her bum. I enjoy seeing her wake up, hair a mess and make-up wiped from her face. I think it’s an exceptional sight. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I derive a lot of pleasure from knowing a woman. From speaking to her. Making her laugh. Enjoying her company.

    I was brought up to believe, as a lot of people are, in the good in people. And I still often refuse to budge from my optimism in many areas of life, at the expense of seeing the darker side of people. But the truth is, a woman can be pleased with your personality, your looks, your wallet, your demeanor, your attitude and your values, but when she gets horny, all she really wants is a big penis.

    Anything less, is simply just that; less. And in today’s society, where loyalty and values come second to pleasure and material, there’s nothing stopping her from going in pursuit of that ‘more’ that she craves.

    It’s no longer enough to be simply an intriguing, genuine, caring, passionate man.

    I understand why this young man killed himself. And the way things are going, how the world is becoming this irreverent, harsh place; I see it happening a lot more in the next few years.

    • Stephen

      Thanks Medi. You really put it into the sad truth of what the majority of women are like today. Most women today can’t be happy with nor love a man with a small penis. Guys who do have small penises are better off alone that to have a cruel woman inflict such mental and emotional abuse because the way he was born.

  16. Medi

    In fact, I would go so far as to say, there are very few, young, modern women who would seriously be what we consider ‘satisfied’ with a man with a smaller than average penis, regardless of what else he ticked on the checklist. The larger penis is always sought after, simply because it as viewed as more masculine. It is thought to pleasure the woman more intensely, and people today have so many sexual partner’s that they experience all of the different shapes and sizes.

    This is a very sad fact, but it seems a lot of women are slaves to their hormones and a lot of men are slaves to their egos. I suppose it comes down to a simple question really; are you an animal or are you a human being?

    Real people, ones who are more enlightened than to follow the herd, will know to derive their pleasure from giving. They’ll know that it’s the lies and deception of an animal nature that thinks that life is made to search out things for oneself’s own primal satisfaction; that real relationships, fulfilling relationships, are when two people desire to give to the other without thought for themselves. Anything less than this, and the unrealistic view of relationships will always stick in our minds; two perfectly airbrushed humans, one with large breasts and wide hips and a tiny waist, clinging to a muscled man with a large penis and a tall physique, perfect white teeth, perfect strides, and charismatic, effortless character. Totally pie-in-the-sky.

    Everybody has a choice, and just as I’ve made mine, people have the right to make theirs.

    But I won’t bring a woman down for her weight, her hair. I won’t expect her to be perfect because nobody is. That’s what I have to give. I don’t put my primary expectations for a relationship on the way a woman looks. And regardless of my penis size, that already makes me an exceptional man.

    If I have to spend my life celibate, being torn to shreds by women who only look as far as my skin, then so be it. It only means that I’ll have proven my point come the end.

    • Anonymous

      It is a shame that someone would commit suicide because of this issue, rather than KILLING the ones who had humiliated them. I think it would be much, much better to take the life of those who made you feel so miserable rather than taking your own, YOU ARE WAY MUCH WORTH than others

      • Russell

        So you plan on killing the 90% of woman who put small men
        down. It’s not realistic, and even though I hate every one of them with a vengeance, you can’t
        assassinate an entire gender. Suicide frees one from the constant pain of feeling inadequate. I can’t blame the poor
        kid, but he know longer has to deal with the pain of feeling
        inadequate. Of course, I would have helped him succumb
        to a less painful demise. It’s just a matter of time before a substantial number of males with this problem follow suit

    • Stephen

      In today’s cruel society, most women are hostile and toxic towards men with small penises. Rather than have a woman commit the ultimate cruelty against a man by rejecting, dumping, degrading and humiliating men with small penises, my advice is to just not get involved with women and chose abstinence and celibacy. Since women today are all about the shallow and superficial and can’t just love a man for who he is, my best and most wise advice is to never get involved with women because it’s just not worth the heartaches and heartbreaks they will cause.

  17. track-on

    Im glad to be blessed with a large penis I found that it is true that women commonly choose ,and seek sexual pleasure from a large cock and it does instill confidence in a man ,the more large u are the more purmiscous u are.I had sex with over 110 women mostly white girls the favorites are of german decent and boy thay can have the most shapely bodies large bubblebutts.
    There is one german girl I sexed and the first 3 time she tapped out because im a bit large but still she have orgasms and to me that is exciting to witness the 3rd time I sexed her I almost faint her vigina was so tight that it mad me poped fast.
    O yeah im black and it is most likely we are natured with big cocks not always Ive seen white and latins with cocks my size or bigger i am glad to be flaccid with a 8 1/2 size cock and the women loves it. But having a big cock u have to be careful u dont hurt ur sexual partner Im known as a black stretcher!

  18. track-on

    And oh yeah. I some time could be even larger the more aroused the bigger I get!

  19. track-on

    In .broome county ny there is a interracial dating and marriage especially among white women and blackguys I guess they like the large cocks. When I 1st moved in binghamton ny york I was approached by a beautiful lady she happen to be white she has like a ghostly pale complextion brown eyed and a amazing petite figure in nyc white women are terrified of blackguys so it accurd to me was i was thinking some way to get away from her cuz I did’nt want to scare her mostly all around a blackman such as my self is feared by wites and other race they cuz they say we commit the most crimes but I heardof FBI statistics says other wise. Well this white female did’nt fear me we talk for a few hours the next day we had sex and boy when it was over she told me u are the biggest one I kind of blushed but it true I am large cocked i screwed her over 19 times and it seems white ladie have a fantasy of being plugged by big hung blacks and the srereotype is very true the was anothe white girl she told me she has a young black husband and she said boy ur bigger than him and that as i said the bigger does matter! AND ive screwed a couple of white girls of German decent they seem to be in the category of having large butts!

    • Kinfuichi

      Track-On…I know I’m late in responding to this thread but dude, your post should’ve been saved for a totally different discussion on another forum. Some of these men have struggled with suicidal thoughts, encouraging one another that the size of their member should not dictate their lives. I don’t think you realize the impact of how bragging about your penis, sleeping with numerous women can pose a negative impact in such a thread as this…r.i.p to the young boy who committed suicide. To all the rest of you in the post, you are all blessed so stay strong.

    • John Harbinger

      Lol- how insecure are you relative to white men? Almost all of the white women I know (in NY and CA) are with white men, and the average size of whites is about the same as the average size of blacks, except that the biggest penis in the world is a white penis (Jonah Falcon) and there are more white men with big penises than blacks (because there are just more white people overall). So stop fooling yourself: most white women go for white guys (not all, but most). You don’t have to lie about stereotypes being true to cover up that you’re insecure about being black- just be yourself man!

      • Track-on

        Listen IM not insecure and I am really am well hung and blessed with a good size cock and there are white guys that are big like me and are probably bigger now I did stated that there are large flaccity among blacks,whites an hispanic I said I am blackman that happens to be well hung so it really isn’t that true that blacks have bigger COCKS! among europeans blacks and spanish we are mostly well hung and I means this I bedded over 131 white women NO bull?I just screwed a beautiful blonde just this saturday she creamed all over my cock and she told me though out the sex that she she felt so good that she never had it so good.So mister have a nice day.

      • Track-on

        If you lived in Broome county NY this would blow your mind over interracial marriage dating and so forth.

      • Adolf

        @Track-on: the only thing you proved with that comment is how insecure you really are. Almost all white women I see posting on Craigslist or dating sites say “white preferred”, so you don’t have to lie about that to make yourself feel better. I don’t care how many chicks you’ve “bedded” (LOL- who talks like that)- anyone who posts crap like that online has deep insecurity issues. I didn’t say anything about interracial marriages/dating, so you’re mistaken that it would “blow my mind” (what you fail to realize is that white/black pairings are the least common racial pairings on the planet; that doesn’t mean that they never happen, but I’ve lived in NY and CA and 90%+ of white women I see are with white or Hispanic men).

  20. John Harbinger

    small penises suck- pure and simple. Asians usually have smaller penises (studies confirm this)…which sucks. But that’s not the only important thing in life…I guess. There’s like…other things. I can’t really think of any of them at the moment, but I’m sure there are some other important things out there…

  21. Track-on

    I don’t know what on these haters mind their tryin to tell me i’m insecure and basically they don’t know me. they are the few that are insecure!

    • Adolf

      Lol- dude, I’ve slept with probably over 500 women (almost all white) in my 33 years on Earth, so trust me: I have nothing to be insecure about. Anyone who comes on a public forum and anonymously posts about how he managed to “score white women” is insecure as FUCK about their race. Nobody except racists give a shit how many white women you slept with- LOL. The only one who seems to care is you. I’m just pointing out your psychotic insecurity. You can sleep with every single white chick on the planet- more power to you. But don’t go around spreading lies about who white women prefer to shore up your insecurity when 90% of all white women on online dating say they “prefer white or Hispanic men.” Seriously, stop making stuff up and just be yourself buddy.

  22. Track-on

    I think you fucken care when us blacks are in your white womens pussies you do care cuz thats why you are replying to me yo!And it could be jealousy in you mind cuz I got a ample big cock and yah don’t like it HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Adolf

      LOL! And the insecurity pours right out! Gotcha baby!! I knew it! And you’re a psychotic racist to boot! They’re not “our women”, you insecure racist psychopath- they are just WOMEN. Thanks for CONFIRMING your insecurity- how’s it feel when you read 90+% of white women online saying “white preferred”, or when black women give you flack over sleeping with white women? LOL!! Hurts, huh psychopath?

      I’ve slept with more white women in my life than you can dream of, so trust me- this doesn’t have anything do with jealousy. Keep broadcasting your insecurity for everyone to see, sweetie, and more power to you in screwing those white chicks. I’m very sorry you’re so insecure about you race and penis size…which is why you are posting this on a public forum and replying to me- ’cause I called you out on your insecurity, and now you CONFIRMED it for me, not to mention proved you’re a racist psychopath! Owned!

  23. Adolf

    Lol…love all the insecure black dudes who have to post about how many white chicks they’ve slept with just to feel good about themselves…so freaking sad. Don’t feel inferior to white dudes, guys: we’re all human here.

  24. Adolf

    Signs of insecurity: posting about how many chicks you’ve slept with and how big your penis is on an anonymous public forum. Also, being upset that the vast majority of chicks of a certain race do not want to date men of a certain other race.

    Signs of racism and sexism: telling a white man that white women are “his” women (lulz- we don’t give a shit if you screw white women- more power to you! That’s what they are there for!).

  25. Track-on

    Most of the women I begin to plug tells me be careful your HUGE!

    • Adolf

      That’s great, man- more power to you. Someone who is secure about their sexuality and identity wouldn’t be coming online talking about how his dick is so big and how many “white women” he’s screwed (lol), especially not on the comment section of an article about an individual who committed suicide over feelings of inadequacy. Pretty sad actually..

  26. Track-on

    It ain’t just white women you I count the white woman cuz they my favorites it is more than 132 IIIIII jUST COUT THE CAUCASIAN BABES YO !Its black , white and latinas too YO!

    • Adolf

      Lol you got your argument torn to pieces, yo- only insecure morons come online and talk about penis size. I don’t care who you’ve slept with- black, white, Asian, Latina. Nobody cares but you dude, and it’s inappropriate for you to come on this article and post that crap.

  27. Track-on

    You aint the only commentors that is gon Debate me yo.

    • Adolf

      Lulz- what debate? You got owned. Debate over.

      • Track-on

        I think you are upset yo ,why continue to reply to me yo, there is a morbid reason on you part you’re on this website.

    • Adolf

      You’re insecure and upset that I called out your insecurity. That’s why you’re continuing to reply to me. If you ever stop responding, you admit defeat. I want to make sure that I point out the psychotic nature of your insecurity. πŸ˜‰

  28. Track-on

    Its good and gold to have a big cock and these haters are jealous cuz I am on of the ones blessed with nice endowments I have a web page on xhamster and xvideos free pornsites as Ecanso and is highly reviewed by women on my bigcock HAHAHAHAHA! May I say mo!

    • Adolf

      That’s nice that you have a big cock, dude. It’s just sad that even with a large penis, you’re an incredibly insecure individual who has to come online and post anonymously about his penis on an article about a guy who committed suicide over feelings of inadequacy. Pretty messed up…and pretty sad for you. Waiting for reply πŸ˜‰

  29. Track-on


    • Adolf

      I thought you meant 9+ when you said “big”. 8.5 is a little above average (for example, I’m 7.5 and I don’t consider myself big- I’m about average, maybe a little above).

      Anyways, more power to you with the chicks, but I hope you cure yourself of this insecurity.

  30. Track-on

    And I just screwed a co worker a fine ass Brunette who dyed her hair blonde when I was fuckin her she said OMG ITS HUGE! “SHEGOT THAT RIGHT”. WHEN I fuck.em No Bullshit.

    • Adolf

      That’s great man. Now tell me the part about how utterly empty and depressing your life must be otherwise for you to feel the need to get validation about your sexual conquests from strangers online…I’ve never seen this much insecurity from one individual. I’m actually beginning to think you’re making everything up!

      P.S. What’s the matter- can’t get a real blonde girl? Lol, I kid, I kid. But seriously though…

  31. Track-on


    • Adolf

      No hater here- just pointing out the facts. Thanks for writing in caps (that kind of supports the idea that you’re incredibly insecure). What happened- did some chick tell you that you were too big for her? LOL!

    • Adolf

      Lol! So insecure that he has to post random videos to make himself feel like a big man amongst strangers! I feel so sorry for you, cupcake…it’s ok, you’ll be all right. Just breathe…

      • Track-on

        No inadequacy here yo and I do Have a blonde girl friend rather between a blonde and a redhead mix and yo what ever you depict about me it comes in one ear and goes out the other nothin you say yo is the real truth you depict about me I know my true self i’m on this website for the hell of it.

    • Adolf

      Major inadequacy there, yo…it’s so sad to see this kind of insecurity. I guess when you hear that I have slept with over 500 white chicks, you must get real pissed off, huh? But you don’t see me going off about that randomly on articles about guys committing suicide over their penis lol.

      In one ear and out the other? Nah, you care what I’m saying, otherwise you wouldn’t be replying. Massive insecurity yo…get yourself a real blonde chick man- you don’t know what you’re missing.

      • Track-on

        Good for you yo ,Numbers if that is true what you tell me does’nt matter to me yo. There is a morbid reason about you driven you to fire these comments/replys at me, no matter do what you feel yo.

    • Adolf

      You’re just proving your own insecurity by replying to me, yo…if you stop replying, you lose (just saying).

  32. Track-on

    When you are taken pot shots at me I am goin to be in some beautiful womans PUSS!

    • Adolf

      Pot shots? You mean exposing your insecurity yo? If you were for real, you wouldn’t be posting on here yo- you’d be knee deep in puss already! Lol!

  33. 5432654765765b865

    This is how the Australian government compassionately deals with men’s insecurities regarding penis size.

  34. Emery

    “So Tirvial as the size of his own genitals” well it obviously was not trivial to him. What is tirvial is what society and medical science (pathetic) can do to address the problem. For decades and still society loves to talk about average erect penis length because girth differes DRAMATICALLY between men and they dare not speak of that because no bullshit average size comparison prevails. It’s not just society and it’s bullshit that failed this young man, it’s everyone who thinks “don’t worry be happy” and medical science that failed him.

  35. kl9876

    There’s nothing he could do. It’s an eternal suffering being born with small penis.

  36. Josh

    I am so proud of him. One day I will be brave enough to do the same.


    • Bman

      I 2 have considered suicide over this issue, i also have a small dick…im 6 inches long but my girth is like 4.6 inches , one day maybe il be brave enough to do it. I’m just so scared of what will happen after, i think with the right drugs or alcohol il have the strength to go ahead and pull the trigger.

  1. 1 The Reflections of Philip @ The Eternal Wanderer » Blog Archive » Sex Education of our young people is imperative!

    […] I read this news item in The Star, which I archived it here on my blog, with a mixture of shock, horror and dismay. Shock and horror that the 18-year-old Singaporean boy, who is an excellent student, chose to take his own life over something that is as trivial as the size of his own genitals. Dismay – because this is an example of how misinformed our young people can be when it comes to issues regarding sex and their body parts. Dismay, because such a tragic incident could have been prevented. […]

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