World Earth Day 2008

So yeah, today’s World Earth Day, the day we citizens of the world set aside not just to pay homage to this planet that we inhabited but to remind us of doing our part to keep this planet called Earth alive and healthy for our future generations’ sake.

We want them to have an Earth where the air is clean and fresh, not smelly, smokey and poisonous. We want them to have an Earth where the skies are blue, not covered with dust, ash and smoke.

We want them to have an Earth where the trees are tall, where forests are lush and green instead of barren stumps and empty wastelands because of rampant deforestation.

We want them to be able to know and feel a cool breeze, not hot, humid winds.

We want them to be able to enjoy clean, natural and fresh water, not drinking water that’s been processed from their own waste nor do we want them to drink foul, polluted water.

We want them to enjoy the experience of bathing and swimming in lakes, rivers and waterfalls, not just man-made pools and waterparks.

And of course, we want them to be able to enjoy seeing the various flora and fauna this blessed Earth have with their very own eyes, and not just from pictures in books, Internet and television documentaries. We want them to know what is a tiger, a panda, an orang utan, a whale, a tapir and a sun bear looks like alive with their own eyes. These creatures are the treasures of this Earth.

Most importantly, we want them to live on planet Earth… and not in some outer space planets. Why seek elsewhere to live when we already have such a beautiful planet to live in? Don’t we want our future generations to know what it’s like to live on this planet?

We all do, don’t we?

So let us not just do our part to protect the Earth just on Earth Day ALONE… we are all responsible for conserving our environment and protect Mother Earth at ALL times, every day, every single moment we are alive on this planet.

We love our mothers, don’t we? Well, the Earth is our MOTHER and we are her CHILDREN!

So let us strive together to make this Earth cleaner, healthier and liveable, ok?

Thanks for reading and let’s hope for a better future!

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