The face of a thief if there ever was one!

Zaharah Kechik, wife of a thief and an expert thief and raider herself!

Ok, look closely at the lady on the left in the picture holding up her statement read out to the press yesterday. Study her features carefully and let it burn into your memory.


‘Cause when you see her on the streets in Selangor or anywhere else in the country or in the world, make sure you shower her with a generous, well-aimed amount of phlegm and saliva. If you can cover her from head to toe the better!

Who is this woman, you might ask, and what has she done to deserve such humiliating treatment?

To the first question, this woman is the wife of former Chief Minister of Selangor and the Bandit King – Khir Toyo who sometimes go by the name Khir Toyol in the blogs. Her name is Zaharah Kechik and that face of hers is the face of a thief who knows no remorse for the deviousness of her actions and for her greed.

Read this to find out what she has done – and it wasn’t allegedly and it can’t be allegedly because she has admitted to it – “It’s OUR Money, NOT Yours!“. You can red more on this issue here, here and here.

And here’s what the people are saying about her crime, a sample of the many that can be found on the Net – NotaRazi, who seems to have been the most vocal on this issue among the Malaysian blogosphere, comments from readers on Maria Samad’s blog Tok Mommy and Elviza’s blog.

So, coming back to baptising her with generous amounts of icky, sticky, smelly spit, it’s the least she deserved if she escaped punishment. I’m sick and tired of how these corrupt, greedy politicians and their ilk keep getting away with nothing more than a slap on their wrists for their crimes. Let’s not forget the other shamed politician that built a mini palace with 20 bathrooms on state-owned land, who, thankfully is now deceased and will never be heard and talked about again.

If I ever have reality bending powers like the mutant Scarlet Witch, who uttered the reality-defining words “No More Mutants!” in Marvel Comics’ epic House of M series, which resulted in the more than 3/4 of mutants losing their powers forever, I would have uttered “No more corrupted and greedy politicians and their wives and family members and friends!”

One could only wish, eh?

If Pak Lah is so damn serious about weeding out corruption and to reform the ACA, he should throw all the power of the law that he has at this evil couple and rein them in. Shackle them! Enough is enough, Pak Lah! When are you going to walk the talk and let your actions prove that you’re serious about getting rid of these bloodsckers, plunderers of the people’s wealth, leeches and whatnots.

Bah, until that happens, I’m not even gonna pay my taxes to the govt. I’m just gonna make sure that I donate as much of my salary as possible to tax-exempted charities. I don’t want my hard earned wages ending up in a corrupt government official’s pockets. Heck, I’ll do anything to get myself tax-exempted for now.

Oh, how I wish Pakatan Rakyat had formed the government in the last election!


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