I Have Returned!

It’s been almost more than a month now, sorry to keep my faithful readers out of the loop here. I must say, I’m beginning to feel my passion for blogging my thoughts slowly ebbing away from my being. I may need some time to get away from it all and just spend a couple of days in isolation blogging and writing. Not that I’ve not been doing any writing these days but it’s mostly writing out the usual press releases, reporting stuff and writing movie reviews. Hardly creative writing in a sense.

So what’s been keeping me away? Hectic work schedule, a church camp, no inspiration among other things…

But hopefully, with this post, I’m getting back to my blogging stride. Even if I’m not in top form yet… Heck, have I ever been in top form anyways? Here I am blogging rubbish while I’m supposed to be mulling over a couple of press releases to edit and post as news items on the KLWeekly site.

I still  love my work, I just have to keep saying that. And I DO really love my work, writing is everything I ever wanna do. But I’m not getting anywhere at the moment. I’ve sort of shelved my novel-in-progress for lack of inpsiration and threw myself into my work. KLWeekly is doing good but it’s still a small company and there’ll always be that desire to work for a more established company but the boldness to make that step to change is not there. I’ve already got rejected twice two months ago, when I applied for two different jobs, one a copywriter at an established firm in Mid Valley and the other a sub-editor’s position at a publishing firm. Didn’t even make the shortlist, although I got a polite email from both stating why they can’t put me in consideration.

Oh well, I refuse to dwell on it any further, I just want to try and keep looking at the positive side of things. My chance, my opportunity will still be there but it’s playing a damn good hide ‘n’ seek game with me at the moment.

Here’s me hoping for a good rest of June and the remainder half of 2008. The year may be slowly turning out to be a bad one for China (God bless that country!), but I refuse to let this year be a bad one for me.


  1. All the best, dude.

    Relax. If God is your papa, will He not give you all you want in due time?

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