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Birthday Blues

It’s understandable that when you reach a certain age, mostly by your mid-40s or so, birthdays will lose its shine and will be just like any other day to you.

But it definitely and should not be the case when one is in their mid-20s!!!

So damnit, why do I feel not like celebrating my 24th birthday this Wednesday, 29 November 2006?? I am certainly not really looking forward to celebrating a day which reminds me that I’m another year older, another year of missed chances and wasted opportunities. I can certainly empathise with Garfield the Cat who loathes birthdays…oh sure, when you’re a kid, birthdays are grand things and an event to look forward too every year, but as your mind develops and you grow older with each passing year, you’ll come to realise that birthdays are just too overrated and overhyped.

I’m only 24 and I am already moaning and griping about my birthday as if I’m an old dude. ‘Tis sad…

Quit griping, I hear you readers say, you’re feeling this way just because no one celebrates your birthday. You may be quite correct, dear reader, in suggesting that I’m bitching about birthdays here just to attract some sympathy for poor old me who doesn’t have that many friends to share his joyous day with. Yeah, I know it’s pathetic, makes me hate birthdays all the more, though it has never been this way all the time.

What went wrong? *Shrugs*Beats me! Maybe when one is all grown up, you can’t expect to celebrate birthdays anymore – birthdays are for the under-20s and the above 50s and 60s. The rest of us in the middle simply dreads it. 

Anyhow, this year will be just like the past years – a quiet, lonely affair – except that this year will be an even more quieter and lonelier affair now that it’s just me and my mom. Friends and my sisters are all too busy with their work and studies and are living in other places far away from me. I can’t expect them to remember my birthday or just tell them “Hey, it’s my birthday. Sing for me!” The rest of my extended family (uncles, aunts, cousins) have better things to do than to celebrate the birthday of a guy whose not even blood-related to them anyways. Our relationship hasn’t been all that warm and friendly, even though I try to be sometimes.

Anyways, in all my past 23 birthdays so far, I only have a few that is really memorable and which I cherished dearly. You can count them in one hand – only four which I can remember clearly and very vividly. I have one that was most embarrassing too, so that’ll make five birthdays that were a standout. They were my 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th and my 21st birthdays. I wish I could recount them here on my blog, but the first three which I mentioned are too personal for me to recount and the fourth was rather embarrassing.

So that leaves me with just my 21st birthday, which happened not so long ago and not really special since it’s a church celebration. Some people mark this special occassion by doing grand, foolish things like getting laid, getting drunk and all that…but I do not have that privilege thanks to very strict, traditional parents who would not hesitate to kick me out of the house on my birthday if i did such “sinful” things.

So poor old me had a nice, little, warm celebration in the church after service as my birthday then fell on a Sunday. Mom brought a cake and other aunties and uncles had brought home-cooked stuff for a very nice and pleasant lunch celebration and fellowship. My youth group did not forget me too, as they surprised me with a nice card and some nice hand-made gifts (Hand-made gifts are always the best as it shows how much effort and love someone has put into making it for you.).

As for this year, well my birthday wish…and Christmas too…would be:

> To bridge the gap between my cousins in Penang and Kuala Lumpur and re-establish family ties.

> To make the effort to remember and celebrate the birthdays of my sisters, nephews, niece, friends, relatives, acquaintances and most importantly, that of my enemies (of course, I do this in the hope that they WILL remember mine too! :-D)

> To seize the day and grab opportunities by the scruff of the neck to do things which I love most – writing, photography, travelling, social work and activism.

> To earnestly hope that the political bigwigs of this country finally acquire some sense, logic and intelligence to do what’s right instead of sweeping bad things under the carpet and lambasting mat sallehs for criticising the country in their media.

> And of course,  world peace! Global prosperity instead of poverty! No more religionophobia (fear of anything that has to do with religions)! Haha!

> And maybe Senator Hillary Clinton for Prez!

All together now:-

Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to The Eternal Wanderer!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Blergh! >.<