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My letter to The Star was published this morning. It touched upon the recent hoo-ha caused by Johor Mentri Besar over his protest against Bangsa Malaysia, which he thinks will result in an unhealthy mish-mash of races and dilute the Malay identity.

Obviously, such remarks put paid to any hopes Barisan Nasional’s efforts to integrate and unite all races for the sake of our “glorious” nation’s stability, peace and harmony. Obviously, peace, harmony and stability was not on dear old Johor Mentri Besar’s mind when he made such stupid allegations which have absolutely no foundations whatsoever.

Methinks he’s scared of losing his Malay identity an stature…whatever…so sien with this attitude already, lah! Everyday we poor Malaysian public have to suffer because of politicos like him. How-lah for our country to be successful kalau ada orang besar yang so begitu pentingkan bangsa sendiri and leave out everyone else?

We’ll just fall apart…like that sad, tragic day on May 13, 1969. 

Anyways, my letter is as follows: –

Value peace and unity among races

TO see my country, which I have lived in for all 24 years of my life, become divided is worrying. 

It does not help matters when some people blatantly reject the concept of uniting all Malaysians, making disparaging comments about the religious practices and faiths of others and spreading malicious rumours designed to sow the seeds of disharmony and strife.  

We should all first and foremost see ourselves as Malaysians. After all, we – regardless of our ethnicity, religion and social status – are all born in Malaysia!  

If we truly wish to progress and become a fully developed nation by 2020, we must first set aside our differences and suspicions and work together as one. 

We need to shake off our communal mentality because it does not serve the greater good of our country. 

We should not desire to bring glory only to our race, but to our country as a whole. We need to be united. 

Each of us has a part to play in ensuring the development of our country as one that is progressive, intellectually mature and sound.  

No matter how many policies the Government makes, if we ourselves do not first break free from our narrow-minded mindset, we will continue to be fearful and suspicious of each other.  

It is only through the education of our young that we can ensure that they would grow up to value peace, harmony and unity among all races and learn the true meaning of being a Malaysian.  

Malaysia will celebrate its golden jubilee next year and has achieved much since Independence.  

Let’s not let a couple of unwise politicians ruin the efforts of our founding fathers in uniting all Malaysians. 

We are, after all, Malaysians! 

 PHILIPP C.K. GAN,  Petaling Jaya.