Yes, thats the question I’m sure all you people are asking right now. Me, Philipp… the so-called The Eternal Wanderer is just your Average Joe who makes a living out of words and images and utilises this blog as one of his many channels of communication with the outside world. He’s certainly no orang besar but considers himself to be pretty much streetwise and with a keen sense of observation of the world that revolves around him. Undyingly loyal to his friends and to his causes, The Eternal Wanderer is not a person you would want to cross!

Do you wish to know more about me?

Fave Food: Fish…specifically Fish N Chips, Hainanese Chicken Rice & French Onion Soup
Fave Snack: Cottage Fries Potato Chips, Fried Banana & Fried Sweet Cakes
Fave Western Restaurant: The Ship, Manhattan Fish Market & Vivo
Fave Cafes – Starbucks, San Francisco Coffee, Coffee Bean & Secret Recipe
Fave Gadgets: Laptop, Handphones and Digital Cameras
Fave Fruits: Mangoes, Durians, Watermelons & Pears
Fave Colours: Blue, White, Yellow and Cyan
Fave Car makers: Ford, Honda & Perodua…maybe a bit of BMW & Toyota too

Top Five Hobbies: Watch Movies, Writing & Blogging, Eating Out with friends and family, Shopping and Reading
Top Five Shopping Haunts: Petaling Street, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Berjaya Times Square & Sungei Wang…however, if I got money…Starhill Gallery!!
Top Five Fetishes: Sports shoes, watches, spectacles, underwear (!) and buttons
Top Five Overseas destinations: Holland, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand & Japan
Top Five Local destinations: Penang, Genting Highlands, Johor, Sarawak & Sabah
My Philosophical Leanings: Utilitarianism, Liberalism & Hedonism

Here are some things that I dislike:
Obnoxious, rude people with an attitude problem, people that show a blatant disrespect for women, the elderly and disabled folks, people who do not treat children with respect and love that the children deserved, impatient drivers, bright pink and flourescent colours, I also hate conservatism, traditionalists and religious fanatics and old-fashion people. I detest people who has no regards for human rights and those that deny the freedoms entitled to all humankind.

Enjoy yourself at my simple and humble blog. May you find yourself enlightened and entertained while perusing this blog, fellow Wanderer!

Warmest regards and love to all,

Philipp @ The Eternal Wanderer


  1. Youse sounds like a reg’lar nice guy, Phil-O.
    Wanderer boleh!
    Here’s a toast to more Malaysian guys like you. Chin-chin & prost! (those are foreign toasting words like yum-seng, in case you’re wondering)

  2. Aw shucks, Argus… Thanks for the kind words! *blush!*

  3. Dear Wanderer,

    I understand the feelings of urs regarding the Malaysian space program, i was also dissapointed with the stupidest decision they’ve made. However i would like to lighten u up, by letting u to visit my web site at here there are some general info on our project that we r working on and plan to enter the X-PRIZE. watever u see r all local materials and own design. which is fully Malaysian made. made by us. please do check it out n let me know bout ur comment on e-mail:

    Thank you
    best regards
    Izmirov Yaminovich

  4. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this ;D

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