The Importance of a Positive Working Environment

Hola and hi to everyone who reads my blog! Thanks for your continuing support and may the Year of the Fire Boar be fiercefully fiery with great luck and wealth for all of you! (am serious! And yes, I’m definitely deliberately buttering all of you up! Heh! :-p)

It seems that with my hectic work schedule during the week has rendered me to blogging only during the weekends, or if I’m lucky, maybe a quick comment or two at other people’s blog. But considering the network connection at my office, even that could be a time consuming hassle. I utterly do miss blogging, and I must add that I feel very, very guilty about not updating for such long periods of time. I am certainly not like most friends I know who check their blog like, what, once or month or something?? (winks and nudges Sammy)

Work has been going on extremely fine, I am so very happy that I am working in such a warm environment and the fact that me and my boss and my colleagues get along so great makes this job really a blessing.

You know, it’s so hard to find a job that you can really get excited about and actually feel happy working! It’s also rare to find an office environment where there’s virtually very little or no office politics and shenanigans going on. So I really consider myself very fortunate that I have found my dream job (despite still harbouring intentions to be my own boss!) Maybe that’s because my colleagues and I are all around our mid-twenties, and though we are ambitious, but it is definitely true that we prefer to be friends rather than be rivals or enemies, which would do all of us and the company no good if we were.

Besides, it’s virtually impossible for things to run smoothly with all the negative energy around due to all the jealousy, rivalry and animosity going on? I am really thankful that my boss was very aware of this and has carefully hired people who are able to work well with others and are capable in their jobs. He also goes all out to ensure that there’s life and vibrancy and joy in the office – rather than reigning with a brutal ironfist which results in offices as dead as a graveyard and so silent and devoid of noise that you could probably hear the tiniest grain of sand drop on the floor.

You’re all probably still wondering where the heck I am working but I haven’t been given the green light to let the public know yet. We’re a magazine company, a brand spanking new one and therefore, please understand the need for secrecy. We’re hoping to take the magazine industry by storm by coming out with a magazine that’s refreshing and far from the stereotypical Malaysian magazines. So until then, watch this space!!!

Well then, that’s about it for now. I have told you about what my office environment is like so share yours! In all your working years, what was your office environment like? Have you experienced the best or the worst? Share, share! 🙂


  1. your job sounds interesting and exciting. i’d love to join a magazine company after i graduate, even though i doubt my own writing abilities at times. maybe you can elaborate a little what are your job duties…

  2. Sure Sulz!
    Among my job duties includes:

    1)Plan stories and have them vetted by the editor.
    2)Once stories have been approved, I will write some stories while delegate other stories to other writers.
    3)Edit and double edit all articles and approve my final versions.
    4)If there’s is an assignment or an interview, I will normally be the one who does the honours.

    Basically that’s that in brief.

  3. samster

    Glad to see you’ve found such an environment. Here’s to the best. Just watch out for potential idle slander and gossip that could break things apart.

    As for mine, what can I say? One boss, one female colleague who’s a tomboy intellectual. We get along just fine and she and I can talk but it’s not as fun as MPH where we’re all one big family.
    It’s like moving from a big family to stay in a single parent home. Warm still but not quite the same 😛

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