Letter to the Editor: Congrats to Tan Boon Heong & Khoo Kien Keat!

My letter to The Star was published today. You can read it here. Below is the unedited version.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my congratulations to Malaysia’s badminton men’s doubles pair Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat of their success in winning the All England Men’s Doubles trophy after 25 years since Malaysia’s last win.This achievement is by no means an easy feat and the pair must be applauded for their undying spirit to triumph against all odds against the mighty Chinese team. The fact that Tan and Khoo are unranked shows that Malaysia does not need world class facilities in some European country to churn out the best sportsmen and athletes in the world. Both Tan and Khoo is testament to the fact that what our sportsmen and sportswomen need is passion and the desire to win. You can have the best facilities and the best coaches in the world but if you lack the drive and the determination to win, all hope of winning anything would have already lost.

So, why does the Youth & Sports Ministry kept insisting on building that gawdawful “world class” sports centre in some far flung place in London? Doesn’t Datuk Azalina realise that the millions are better spent and invested in our athletes’ welfare and training as well as the renovations and maintenance of already sufficient sports centres here in our own country? There are so many sports complexes around the country that seems to be falling apart and yet, the Ministry is not even interested in doing anything except to “train our athletes overseas so they could acclimatise themselves with the harsh environment”. Can the Ministry enlighten us as to why they are not listening to the voice of the people?

I hope that Tan and Khoo’s victory in the All England finals will inspire all the rest of Malaysia’s athletes to bring home more glory for the country in future competitions. Show us what you’re made of, Malaysians, so that we may really be proud to say Malaysia Boleh!

So, what do you all think? It’s not like we’re a damn bloody rich country and here, we have a gung-ho ministry who wants to throw away hundreds of millions of ringgit into a damn sports centre that’ll probably be rarely used at all. They probably did not consider about which party would exactly foot the bill to send hundreds of our athletes to London to train there. Considering how cash strapped most sports associations are in Malaysia, I doubt any would even want to send our athletes to London to train. Obviously, the responsibility would then fall on the ministry to send them there…with taxpayers’ money!

We certainly want our athletes to do well and we are definitely proud if we have successful Malaysian athletes like Nicol David, Bryan Nickson Lomas, Daniel Bego, Tan Boon Heong and Khoo Kien Keat who constantly bring glory to Malaysia… but certainly not at the expense of the taxpayers! I can think of a whole lot more things that are of utmost importance compared to sports, such as improving our public transportation, improving our infrastructure, improving our education system and protecting & preserving our heritage sites.

Set your priorities right, damn you Malaysian government!!!


  1. First of all, congratulations to your team. Such a victory can be very motivational indeed, giving your fellow countrymen excitement and something behind which to rally.

    I have concluded from this post, and others you have made, that politics seem to be universal. Here in the U.S. we face pretty much the same behavior among our government leaders, and I use that term ‘leaders’ loosely. All they seem to be concerned with is getting re-elected and throwing good money after bad. That London facility is a good example of what is referred to here as ‘pork barrel spending’. Yes, the facility would be nice to have at one’s disposal, but as you said, the money to build it and get athletes there (not to mention the cost-of-living expenses) would be better used domestically. ‘Keep the money in the country’ is a concept the politicos unfortunately haven’t figured out yet.

    Congats again! And BTW, The Star would do well to hire you as an Op-Ed contributor.

  2. hi, i saw your article in the paper today. nice to see someone i know in the papers. 😛

  3. or at least, something written by someone i technically know, lol 😆

  4. Sora: Thanks for the congrats on behalf of my country! Hehehe! You are most right in saying that politics is quite universal…I wonder if it’s taught in politic schools…does it say somewhere on the “How to be a Politician” manual that it’s a must for our politicos to splurge freely and happily without batting an eyelid on whatever project that comes their way?? For once, I would really like to see these politicians spend cash where they ought to have spent rather than throwing away good money for the benefit of other countries’ people!

    *Sigh!* I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon, my country’s government rarely have the habit of listening to the rakyat and the taxpayers. They think its for the good of the country, and yes, in the short term, it may be good but in the long run, the government will lose interest and cut their losses by abandoning it to private corps who’ll probably not do much about it at all.

    If only we’re allowed to make much more noise than through newspapers!

    Sulz: Thanks Sulz! You should send your opinions too! Especially with all the recent fiasco over the banning and restriction of fast food ads. Your two cents worth are more precious than gold to people who care. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on getting your letter published. I always believed that education should come first.

  6. Thanks Tunku Halim! Yes, I certainly agree with you that the government should spend more on education… there are still so many needs in the education sector that could really use the millions.

  7. omigosh..dey r reali wonderful players..so proud of dem lar..hehe..besides..i m dying 2 see their performances…aww..congrats 2 dem..luv their undying spirit as well..make us chinese n malaysians so proud..now we can look up n sae “malaysia boleh!!!”

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