The Dalai Lama is a Hypocrite!

I’m not afraid to say it… I’ve got no love and no respect for this bald, bespectacled, hypocrite who should just shut the fuck up about “liberating Tibet” from the “oppressive” hands of China.

If he really preaches non-violent, diplomatic dialogue, he wouldn’t have egged his monk minions to stage violent protests across the globe and sabotaging China’s Olympic preparations. If he truly profess to being a peace-lover, he would have reined in these monks and stopped them from acting in a barbaric manner.

I just wish everyone would stop criticising the Chinese government over everything they’ve done in the past. They are not the best in the world but which government can really claim to be the best, the cleanest and the most upright. Like Jesus said, “Let he who have no sin cast the first stone”. Before throwing brickbats at the Chinese government, the US government and other pro-Dalai Lama allies had better examine themselves and sort out their own dirty linen first. They have no right to accuse China of using force to quell the protesters, who are definitely violating the law and disturbing public peace.

The Olympic Torch Relay is coming to Kuala Lumpur this coming Monday. I may not be able to witness the relay but I am firmly in the pro-China camp. China is the only hope the world ever have to break the US and their Western counterparts dominance and influence. It is true that China still has many flaws, but at least I’ve seen a lot more progress in China than in the States. I truly admire the way the Chinese government can still maintain the country’s stability and oversee its economic boom despite being the largest and the most populous country in the world. I admire their discipline and their tenacity in the face against obstacles and I feel China is being unfairly blamed and hit out by their its detractors.

I’m tired of Tibet being used by the West for their own agenda. And I’m tired of the Dalai Lama being portrayed in favourable light. There’s absolutely nothing favourable about him at all. He just wants Tibet so that he can set up his own Tibetan empire. He just wants a country/a land of his own to rule. Can anyone really believe that Dalai Lama has no ulterior motive in wantng to “free” Tibet?

Tibet has always been free. Tibet has always been part of the Chinese land. Go to Tibet and you’ll see the temples and the monks residing in these temples are all well-fed and well-kept. If it weren’t for the Chinese authorities pumping in money to the land, all these will be in shambles. And if China had really been what the Dalai Lama and his Western allies say it is, these monks and the temples would have all been destroyed long ago. And did you notice that the people of Tibet, the ones who are actually living there and not the ones who are living abroad and have been brainwashed by Western propaganda, have not really spoken out against China? That the ones living abroad and the pro-Tibet ruffians and their pathetic Western allies are the ones doing all the shouting and war-mongering?

Leave China alone, you bastards! And don’t you tarnish the Olympics with your pro-Tibet rhetoric!

Go China!


  1. Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen someone post something that doesn’t side with Tibet. While I don’t agree with your opinions, I say good on you. It is always better to have an opinion rather than not have one.

    Having said that… do I start pegging you as a commie or what? 😀 just kiddin’ just kiddin’!

    The Eternal Wanderer: Far from it, my dear Ted. A commie I’m certainly not but I do harbour aspirations of working in China in the near future. Haha, so I DO have an ulterior motive to side with China, :-p albeit a selfish one!

    But really, I’m just tired of all these pro-Tibetans causing a ruckus, jeopardising the torch relay and causing genuine problems for Tibet, for China and for the rest of the world. I’m not the only one of this opinion really, there are a lot I know who are of the same view as I am.

    If Dalai Lama really is a man of peace, and his supporters believe in him, shouldn’t he told off his supporters from causing problems. The Chinese crackdown are a result of these protests and I do believe the Chinese are sincerely trying to maintain peace and stability in the region. Who spark it off first?

    Well, not having lived in the region to understand this whole crisis well, I’m not in the position to make or pass judgment. Both sides made their mistakes and both sides erred, but I’m still standing by China simply for the fact that I hate seeing everyone throwing brickbats at China without even understanding the whole matter. As such, I decided to go against the flow and support China, which has been bashed to high heavens quite unfairly from all parties.

  2. Citation needed on the Dalai Lama egging the monks on.

    The Eternal Wanderer: Sorry, but I don’t have. I admit that that statement of mine was a sweeping statement, and a statement which I intended to provoke pro-Tibet supporters. That doesn’t mean you are though, but what I said is a general sentiment shared by the people who commented here –

    And I don’t like this headline he made in NYTimes –


    Tiara is right. I’m neither pro-Tibet or China but you gotta back that up with some proof.

  4. Mischa

    Hmmm. I don’t know much about the history myself, but I honestly feel a little sorry for all politicians or people in power. Regardless of how righteous, fair, and loving these people may be, many people will always hate them. Political issues are so controversial that a political leader can never do everything right in the eyes of society and will always be accused of hypocrisy by at least some people. I admire the Dalai Lama and think that, even if he were perfect, which he does not claim to be, people would find fault with him. Remember, whenever there is conflict or wars, people are going to get hurt regardless of the ultimate outcome.

  5. nathan

    I will never support a theocracy. period!

  6. nathan

    It seems to me that these pro tibet movement supporters are very naive and ignorant of the situation. They don’t care about history or anything that’s happened prior. They see the situation in black and white when the reality is far from clear cut. If one was to revisit chinese history people would realise that the british were the first ones interested in tibet, then the germans, and now the americans. Way before anything to do with human rights surfaced the westerners were aggressively meddling in chinese tibetan affairs and seeking to separate it from china. It all has nothing to do with freedom, liberty or any feel good rhetoric and certainly not human rights. What people don’t seem to realize or unwilling to is that this whole cia backed free tibet movement is about nothing more than power and control over central asia and eurasia. He who controls tibet has enormous influence over the people of asia and eurasia. If you play chess you’ll know that the most strategic and powerful position goes to the player that control the middle of the board. Look at where tibet is on a map. If one knows anything about military arts, they will know that he who controls the high ground has the advantage. Tibet is the roof of the world. It goes deeper than that also. The chinese name for tibet is literally translated ” treasure trove” because tibet is enormously rich in natural resources including oil, natural gas, gold, uranium, lithium just to name a few as well as quite possible the greatest treasure of all, WATER!. The water from the glaciers in tibet feed 5 of the 7 greatest rivers in asia and nourish 2 billion asians. Oil is important but we can live without it, we can’t live with out water. If a foreign power was to control this resource they could blackmail all asians into submission. This the same game today is as it was in the pass, power and control.

  7. Sifu Lee

    Yes, go China! Dalai Lama is just a mind slayer pretending to be a monk(with a Rolex :)). What does a “free Tibet” mean? probably a return to the feodal society when the lamas owned all the land and had thousands of slaves. And no Richard Gere, you won´t go to heaven just because you know Dalai Lama ha ha…

  8. Bernardette

    Look deeply, these tibetan bastards are false profets, eager to have control over others and pray on people’s good hearts to manupulate people. I have dealt with them all they are liars, hypocrits and manipulative. Fucking Dalai Lama There will be no reencarnation 15 , write it down.

    Angola for China as a whole

  9. abi

    Everyone knows even chinese who have been living in hon kong that china is a very oppressive country, they are even oppressive to their own nation, just take a look at the bastard MAO ZEDONG I don’t care if people try to say it was not his direct killings it was his policy, what do you mean his policy? it is a clear hint to stop any policy once you begin to notice mass death tolls happening right after you have declared a policy, the poor chinese population have been brainwashed and this is not good, they have the right to know what a bastard their own leader was and what he did to his own people. FUCK mao and any of his supporters.

  10. abi

    Chinese, Japanese and North korean governments are the most manipulative ever to their own nation anyway, and will say anything to make it look as if they are innocent, but then again america and england are probably even worse.

  11. Jackie

    Much of your argument is quite valid and reasonable. Have to agree, a lot of people make assumptions on the matter although they don’t understand much of the content. As cliche as it is, many are lead by the media.

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