This has to be the saddest news of the year…

Animals, birds and fish perish in pet shop fire

MUAR: Dogs, cats, rabbits, ornamental fish and birds, including exotic parrot species perished when fire razed a pet shop here.

The blaze at the Huah Pets shop, located along Jalan Khalidi, started at about 1.55am, probably caused by a short circuit.

Shop owner Tan Bing Huat said he could not determine the number of animals, birds and fish inside the shop but believed they totalled about 6,000.

He said most of the birds killed in the fire were doves of the merbuk and tekukur species but there were also three exotic parrots which cost RM2,000 each, adding that, he had yet to determine the total loss.

He said the fire spread very fast and within 10 minutes had engulfed the whole shop, which began operation about seven years ago.

A team of firemen from the Muar Fire Services and Rescue Department managed to put the fire under control in about 20 minutes.

Source: The Star

To say that I am terribly upset would be a gross understatement! If there are two issues that I care the most about, it would be children’s issues and animal rights. Both are God’s gifts to mankind, and we humans who have been charged by God to protect and love all creations of God have responsibilities to fulfill.

6,000 animals!!! 6,000 animals perishing in one day! It’s no wonder it was raining so heavily the past hour. God is weeping and mourning for the unnecessary loss of His beautiful creations…


Zaharah Kechik, wife of a thief and an expert thief and raider herself!

Ok, look closely at the lady on the left in the picture holding up her statement read out to the press yesterday. Study her features carefully and let it burn into your memory.


‘Cause when you see her on the streets in Selangor or anywhere else in the country or in the world, make sure you shower her with a generous, well-aimed amount of phlegm and saliva. If you can cover her from head to toe the better!

Who is this woman, you might ask, and what has she done to deserve such humiliating treatment?

To the first question, this woman is the wife of former Chief Minister of Selangor and the Bandit King – Khir Toyo who sometimes go by the name Khir Toyol in the blogs. Her name is Zaharah Kechik and that face of hers is the face of a thief who knows no remorse for the deviousness of her actions and for her greed.

Read this to find out what she has done – and it wasn’t allegedly and it can’t be allegedly because she has admitted to it – “It’s OUR Money, NOT Yours!“. You can red more on this issue here, here and here.

And here’s what the people are saying about her crime, a sample of the many that can be found on the Net – NotaRazi, who seems to have been the most vocal on this issue among the Malaysian blogosphere, comments from readers on Maria Samad’s blog Tok Mommy and Elviza’s blog.

So, coming back to baptising her with generous amounts of icky, sticky, smelly spit, it’s the least she deserved if she escaped punishment. I’m sick and tired of how these corrupt, greedy politicians and their ilk keep getting away with nothing more than a slap on their wrists for their crimes. Let’s not forget the other shamed politician that built a mini palace with 20 bathrooms on state-owned land, who, thankfully is now deceased and will never be heard and talked about again.

If I ever have reality bending powers like the mutant Scarlet Witch, who uttered the reality-defining words “No More Mutants!” in Marvel Comics’ epic House of M series, which resulted in the more than 3/4 of mutants losing their powers forever, I would have uttered “No more corrupted and greedy politicians and their wives and family members and friends!”

One could only wish, eh?

If Pak Lah is so damn serious about weeding out corruption and to reform the ACA, he should throw all the power of the law that he has at this evil couple and rein them in. Shackle them! Enough is enough, Pak Lah! When are you going to walk the talk and let your actions prove that you’re serious about getting rid of these bloodsckers, plunderers of the people’s wealth, leeches and whatnots.

Bah, until that happens, I’m not even gonna pay my taxes to the govt. I’m just gonna make sure that I donate as much of my salary as possible to tax-exempted charities. I don’t want my hard earned wages ending up in a corrupt government official’s pockets. Heck, I’ll do anything to get myself tax-exempted for now.

Oh, how I wish Pakatan Rakyat had formed the government in the last election!

So yeah, today’s World Earth Day, the day we citizens of the world set aside not just to pay homage to this planet that we inhabited but to remind us of doing our part to keep this planet called Earth alive and healthy for our future generations’ sake.

We want them to have an Earth where the air is clean and fresh, not smelly, smokey and poisonous. We want them to have an Earth where the skies are blue, not covered with dust, ash and smoke.

We want them to have an Earth where the trees are tall, where forests are lush and green instead of barren stumps and empty wastelands because of rampant deforestation.

We want them to be able to know and feel a cool breeze, not hot, humid winds.

We want them to be able to enjoy clean, natural and fresh water, not drinking water that’s been processed from their own waste nor do we want them to drink foul, polluted water.

We want them to enjoy the experience of bathing and swimming in lakes, rivers and waterfalls, not just man-made pools and waterparks.

And of course, we want them to be able to enjoy seeing the various flora and fauna this blessed Earth have with their very own eyes, and not just from pictures in books, Internet and television documentaries. We want them to know what is a tiger, a panda, an orang utan, a whale, a tapir and a sun bear looks like alive with their own eyes. These creatures are the treasures of this Earth.

Most importantly, we want them to live on planet Earth… and not in some outer space planets. Why seek elsewhere to live when we already have such a beautiful planet to live in? Don’t we want our future generations to know what it’s like to live on this planet?

We all do, don’t we?

So let us not just do our part to protect the Earth just on Earth Day ALONE… we are all responsible for conserving our environment and protect Mother Earth at ALL times, every day, every single moment we are alive on this planet.

We love our mothers, don’t we? Well, the Earth is our MOTHER and we are her CHILDREN!

So let us strive together to make this Earth cleaner, healthier and liveable, ok?

Thanks for reading and let’s hope for a better future!

Read More about what World Earth Day is all about! :-

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I’m not afraid to say it… I’ve got no love and no respect for this bald, bespectacled, hypocrite who should just shut the fuck up about “liberating Tibet” from the “oppressive” hands of China.

If he really preaches non-violent, diplomatic dialogue, he wouldn’t have egged his monk minions to stage violent protests across the globe and sabotaging China’s Olympic preparations. If he truly profess to being a peace-lover, he would have reined in these monks and stopped them from acting in a barbaric manner.

I just wish everyone would stop criticising the Chinese government over everything they’ve done in the past. They are not the best in the world but which government can really claim to be the best, the cleanest and the most upright. Like Jesus said, “Let he who have no sin cast the first stone”. Before throwing brickbats at the Chinese government, the US government and other pro-Dalai Lama allies had better examine themselves and sort out their own dirty linen first. They have no right to accuse China of using force to quell the protesters, who are definitely violating the law and disturbing public peace.

The Olympic Torch Relay is coming to Kuala Lumpur this coming Monday. I may not be able to witness the relay but I am firmly in the pro-China camp. China is the only hope the world ever have to break the US and their Western counterparts dominance and influence. It is true that China still has many flaws, but at least I’ve seen a lot more progress in China than in the States. I truly admire the way the Chinese government can still maintain the country’s stability and oversee its economic boom despite being the largest and the most populous country in the world. I admire their discipline and their tenacity in the face against obstacles and I feel China is being unfairly blamed and hit out by their its detractors.

I’m tired of Tibet being used by the West for their own agenda. And I’m tired of the Dalai Lama being portrayed in favourable light. There’s absolutely nothing favourable about him at all. He just wants Tibet so that he can set up his own Tibetan empire. He just wants a country/a land of his own to rule. Can anyone really believe that Dalai Lama has no ulterior motive in wantng to “free” Tibet?

Tibet has always been free. Tibet has always been part of the Chinese land. Go to Tibet and you’ll see the temples and the monks residing in these temples are all well-fed and well-kept. If it weren’t for the Chinese authorities pumping in money to the land, all these will be in shambles. And if China had really been what the Dalai Lama and his Western allies say it is, these monks and the temples would have all been destroyed long ago. And did you notice that the people of Tibet, the ones who are actually living there and not the ones who are living abroad and have been brainwashed by Western propaganda, have not really spoken out against China? That the ones living abroad and the pro-Tibet ruffians and their pathetic Western allies are the ones doing all the shouting and war-mongering?

Leave China alone, you bastards! And don’t you tarnish the Olympics with your pro-Tibet rhetoric!

Go China!

From The Star today:

PENANG: Ten-year-old Yeap Jia Hui, who has been living alone in a smelly rubbish-filled apartment at Ferringhi Mutiara Apartment in Batu Ferringhi for almost two years, now has someone to care for him.

Childless housewife Yeap Choon Lean, 59, will be taking Jia Hui home to live with her and her retired carpenter husband in Kuantan, Pahang.

Choon Lean, who is Jia Hui’s maternal grandaunt, had wanted to adopt him when he was born but his mother decided to hold on to him.

“Even before his mother abandoned him, I visited him every two to three months when I was in Penang.

“I do not have children of my own and I am happy to bring him home to Kuantan,” she said yesterday.

A happy-looking Jia Hui said he was delighted to able to live with his grandaunt.

“My grandmother cannot care for me because she is old,” he explained.

The grandmother, Law Ah Eng, 68, lives in an apartment several floors below but her relationship with Jia Hui’s mother, Yeap Kim Hong, 46, had been strained for almost a decade.

Jia Hui said his mother gave him an ATM card and visited him every two to three weeks.

“But she has not called or visited me for about two weeks and she has not banked in any money, normally RM20 to RM30 a month,” he said.

He said his schoolmates and teachers did not know of his condition and said he walked to school, bought food after school and attended extra classes three days a week.

“I do my homework before going out with friends and would be home by 8.30pm,” he said.

Jia Hui has five other half-brothers. He is Kim Hong’s fifth son.

“Nobody knows who Jia Hui’s father is,” said Ah Eng, who is also raising Kim Hong’s fourth son.

To say that I was shocked and dismayed would be an understatement. How could anyone not notice that Jia Hui has been fending for himself since he was EIGHT-years-old?

This really says a lot about apathetic attitude of people in Malaysia today when it comes to the welfare of children. Poor Jia Hui would not have to live for two years in a rat hole if someone had just taken time to notice that the boy has been living by himself with no one to take care of him for long periods of time. I would have just done that.

My heart always ache when ever I read about children living in poor conditions, suffering from abuse, poverty and neglect, murdered and raped… Their childhood ought to be the best, carefree years of their lives but because of the selfish, cruel and monstrous nature of many adults including their own parents and caretakers, their childhood has been reduced to something that is worth forgetting. This is the 21st century… children should be enjoying their lives, playing with friends and doing things kids normally do these days…

I hope with all my heart that people start to open their eyes and ears to ensure that there are no more Jia Huis. I know there are many more kids like him in this country yet to be discovered… these kids deserve better… They should not be made to suffer and to take adult responsibilities at such a young age!

If more people cared, there wouldn’t be anymore Jia Huis, Sharlinies and Nurins.

Hey hey all!

It’s been a while since my last post, more than a month actually! That’s partly because I was trying to keep my computer usage time to the lowest possible as I needed a month or so to expedite the recovery process from the LASIK surgery I had last month.

As most of my pre-LASIK was usually spent in front of the computer, that meant I had to make sacrifices a bit so that I can recover better. Regardless, I still had work to be done so I can only spend most time on the Net to do my research for articles and writing… no playing games, no reading blogs unless it is part of my work… no useless websurfing… Well, as much as I want to gripe about it but in the words of my mom “You can play with your Internet all you want, but don’t come crying to me when your eyesight deteriorate again!” So for the sake of my precious eyes, I had to lay off the computer as much as possible.

Besides laying off the computer, there are other sacrifices to be made too. One month no strenuous exercises and sports, no swimming, no sauna, no smoking, no going to smoky places, stay out of bright sunlight, no rubbing the eyes, no washing hair except at the hair salon where you can sit on a recliner for the washer to do it, no washing face with soap or other facial cleanser and these are just what the doctor advised. Adding to these restrictions are my mom’s own restrictions on my diet… I can only take food that are good for eyes and avoid heaty food as well as food that may cause my eyes to itch. That meant drink lotsa fresh milk, oolong tea, eat lotsa fish, veggie and fruits while avoiding prawns, cuttlefish, beef, pork, peanuts, coffee, eggs and other stuff which my mom thinks I should not eat. Oh, lets not forget dietary supplements too! I had to pop a couple of Eyebright pills as well as cod liver oil too!

Can’t wait to free myself from these activity and dietary restrictions… Just ONE more week to go!

The LASIK procedure itself wasn’t as scary as I had thoughtit would be. Although it did kinda freak me out a little when I saw a bit of smoke rising from my eyes as the laser did its work on my eyes. It only took the doctor 10 to 15 minutes to work on each eye. They first strap me on the bed, numb my eyes with special eye drops, pry open my eyes with a tool that keeps my eye open and then, the procedure starts. Rather than doing an incision on my eyes manually like I thought, the incision to remove the cornea flaps were actually done with a machine. So, I don’t have to worry about seeing the doctor armed with a mini scalpel approaching my eyes. That would be totally SCARY!

There wasn’t any pain at all when the incision was made. I just felt a little pressure as the machine pressed down on my eyes a bit. After the incision was made, the doc would lift the flap and blast my eyes with the laser. I did imagined what happened if the laser was left on a little longer than usual…let’s just say that with the smoke rising from my eyes, the laser would’ve probably burned right through my eyeball! LOL! Thank god that didn’t happen!

Once the laser did its work on one eye, the doc closes back the flap and more special eye drops were administered to me. That’s why I can’t rub my eyes or do tough exercises or swim… I certainly don’t want the flap to come undone an expose my eyeballs to the harsh elements… That’d be a major OUCH event!

The same is repeated on the other eye and after about 25 to 35 mins spent on the operating chair/table/bed whateveryacallit, I was walking out. I can’t see clearly at all instantaneously of course, my vision would be cloudy and my eyes would still be numb. The doc then gave me two types of medicated eyedrops which is to be administered every four hours and two eye shields which I must wear every time I sleep at night. The eye shields… gosh, I so hate wearing them! It’s rather uncomfortable, you know! The shield was to protect my eyes so that I don’t rub it or bumped it when I toss and turn in my sleep.

So far, my eyes have healed great I think, although they tend to get tired quite easily and are still quite dry. No major problems, so it’s been good.

A lot have happened in over a month or so, personal wise and also country wise. I didn’t blog much about politics… there’s so much I wanted to say that I didn’t where to start. All I can say is that I’m happy and quite glad that the elections in my country has turned out well. The people I voted for got in and the old government in my state has been shown the door. It’ll take a while for the new government to settle but am really looking forward to better days to come.

While I’m disappointed with the in-fighting among parties and have no patience for it, I wantto remind ALL appointed MPs and state assemblymen that it is the PEOPLE that should take prcedent first over their political parties. We’re the ones that voted for you, though your respective parties are the ones that let you contest, WE are the ones that let you won! We’re watching your moves VERY closely, and if you foul up in the next four/five years, you can be sure to bid “bye bye” to your posts!

A new dawn has come upon Malaysia. I urge everyone to work together in harmony and in unity to ensure this country is the best in the region! It’s not impossible… we just have to set aside our differences and get rid of old policies that no longer have any place in this time and age. Get working and get cracking, yeah!

Welp, in another two hours or so, I’ll be heading down to iSec Malaysia to undergo the LASIK procedure to give me back perfect eyesight.

Which means, for another week or so, I’m suppose to take good rest, don’t stress out my eyes and eat healthy stuff rather than the heaty and oily stuff. Which means, in other words, my Chinese New Year revelry would be a quiet one. Oh well, I’d do anything to ensure that I have ood eye sight again and I definitely don’t want to do anything to jeopardise that.

As such, pls keep me in your thoughts and prayers, yeh! Hopefully I’ll make a speedy recovery with excellent vision!

Oh, and since I won’t be able to make my CNY post and shoutouts in the next few days, let me take this opportunity to say to all my friends, family and anyone who is Chinese a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR OF THE RAT!!!

Be safe and check you guys later in a week or so!

You’ve been gone for two years…yet, we’re still missing you a whole lot, Dad!  (Though Mom and I wouldn’t admit it in front of each other…)

I woke up this morning wondering how different the last two years would be if you were still alive today. No doubt my life would be hard with you watching over my back like a hawk, studying my every move, getting little freedom that I craved for. But then, I knew for certain that my life would’ve been at least an teeny weeny bit better, with you helping to make the right decisions and weighing in your opinions.

In any case, dad, I know you love me and have always wanted what’s best for me, even though I would be too proud to admit that you were right sometimes. I appreciate everything you did for me when you were alive on Earth, for the first 23 years of my life. You were irreplaceable and I thank you for having me as your son, to call me your own.

I hope… I know… you’re having a GREAT time in heaven right now, dad. Say hi to Jesus for me, will ya? Love you always, dad, you live on in my heart and in my memories.


Your only son, who loves you and is sorry he never got the chance to say that as many times to you as he would have liked.

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