LASIK Procedure

Welp, in another two hours or so, I’ll be heading down to iSec Malaysia to undergo the LASIK procedure to give me back perfect eyesight.

Which means, for another week or so, I’m suppose to take good rest, don’t stress out my eyes and eat healthy stuff rather than the heaty and oily stuff. Which means, in other words, my Chinese New Year revelry would be a quiet one. Oh well, I’d do anything to ensure that I have ood eye sight again and I definitely don’t want to do anything to jeopardise that.

As such, pls keep me in your thoughts and prayers, yeh! Hopefully I’ll make a speedy recovery with excellent vision!

Oh, and since I won’t be able to make my CNY post and shoutouts in the next few days, let me take this opportunity to say to all my friends, family and anyone who is Chinese a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR OF THE RAT!!!

Be safe and check you guys later in a week or so!


  1. Good luck! Do blog about it afterwards, if you can, as I too am planning to get my eyes lasered sometime in the future.

  2. hello, a friend of mind just had the operation a few days ago…she’s so looking forward to when she’s fully recovered now…to enjoy freedom from glasses for the first time in so long…don’t worry about it…it will be all good…take care

  3. You are braver than me. I have yet to pluck up enough courage. How is it so far?

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