To my dearest dad, who now lives on in heaven…

You’ve been gone for two years…yet, we’re still missing you a whole lot, Dad!  (Though Mom and I wouldn’t admit it in front of each other…)

I woke up this morning wondering how different the last two years would be if you were still alive today. No doubt my life would be hard with you watching over my back like a hawk, studying my every move, getting little freedom that I craved for. But then, I knew for certain that my life would’ve been at least an teeny weeny bit better, with you helping to make the right decisions and weighing in your opinions.

In any case, dad, I know you love me and have always wanted what’s best for me, even though I would be too proud to admit that you were right sometimes. I appreciate everything you did for me when you were alive on Earth, for the first 23 years of my life. You were irreplaceable and I thank you for having me as your son, to call me your own.

I hope… I know… you’re having a GREAT time in heaven right now, dad. Say hi to Jesus for me, will ya? Love you always, dad, you live on in my heart and in my memories.


Your only son, who loves you and is sorry he never got the chance to say that as many times to you as he would have liked.


  1. *Hugs and pats*

    Has it been two years already?

  2. Wow,
    I think I am going to call my dad now, and tell him that I love him.
    I know Jesus will take care your dad, until you meet him again.

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