We’re already one week into the new year already!

So, let’s cut to the chase…

My wishes, hopes, dreams yadda yadda yadda….for the new year are….:-

    • Personal – To be more courteous, kind and polite to people and strangers that I meet. There’s so much ill will committed by others in our society today that a little good and charity can go a long ways to elevate suffering, inject hope and make people feel good about the world today.
        • Personal – One resolution that I always fail to achieve very year is my lack of sincerity/drive/motivation to keep in touch with friends, old and new, alike, whether is by spending a few minutes to call, SMS or e-mail them. I wish to remedy that this year. While I have a very small number of close friends whom I regard as my inner circle, I wish to expand that circle a little. So, this year, I definitely want to maintain contact and re-acquaint with old friends and hope to meet new ones. This is partly because I was inspired and moved by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who said, “Of all things that wisdom provides to help live one’s life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of FRIENDSHIP. Eating or drinking without a friend is the life of a lion or a wolf.
          • Personal – Lately, I’ve been bombarded by public service announcements and advices from family and friends about eating right and living healthy. I must admit that in the past years, I’m not wont to do so. But this year, I have a change of heart and admit that I have not been eating right and living healthily. My mom chided me a lot for always adding too much salt and sugar in my food and drinks. This year, I would like to cut down on my salt and sugar intake. I also want to allocate at least once a week to go vegetarian. Finally, I must at least get some exercise – jogging, swimming and brisk walking is what I hope to do at least three days in a week.
            • Financial – Regarding personal and family finances, I resolve to be more careful with my spending this year, which means I should…errr…must refrain from spending on unnecessary things and material goods. As such, this year, I’m doing away with my 2008 wishlist. Making wishlists will only make me covet the things that I want but do not need. And when I don’t get the things on the wishlist, I tend to feel quite miserable. So, I do not want to spend much on anything this year. I should also look into trusted and reliable ways to invest my money to make it grow.
              • Careerwise – Regarding my career, I wish to not just write more and get promoted to something better, but I also intend to pick up new skills such as dabbling in Flash as well as filmmaking/editing/screenwriting. Of course, I can’t achieve all this in one year and be an expert in one year, this is one resolution that will have to take at least two or three years to fulfill. I believe by learning more new skills, I am able to open up more opportunities in the market, as I am quite sure that there are employers/companies who are looking for people with such expertise.
                • Personal – Additionally, I also wish to brush up on my Mandarin, speaking and reading. I’ve always felt quite small whenever I tell people that I can’t really speak Mandarin even though I am Chinese. Mandarin is a tough language to to master, but I hope to at least be able to speak at an intermediate level.
                  • Country – What I hope for my country in this new year is, of course, for its economy to continue to grow steadily. The last thing I want is for my country to be mired in another financial crisis. Another hope is that in the coming general elections, ONLY and only the worthy, the capable, and the BEST are elected into the lead the people and to govern the country. The voting public must exercise our right to vote and KICK OUT sexist, racist, incompetent, insensitive, religious dolts and idiotic politicians. I also hope to see that there will be a steady decline in violent crimes and most of all, I hope there will no longer be more children who die in horrific and tragic circumstances, be it murdered or suicide or accidents.
                    • The World – Many countries in the world today are experiencing continual violence, poverty, strife and discord. I wish that in 2008, these will all steadily decline and situations improve in those countries. Please keep the people of Myanmar, Pakistan, Kenya, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan in your prayers and your thoughts. I also hope to see more young, liberal and visionary leaders to rise up in the world and to steer their countries in a better direction. That said, I sincerely hope that there will be a decrease of terroristic events committed by religious fanatics, psychopaths and other troubled souls. My hope is also for President George W. Bush and his stupid Republican cronies to foul up even more so that his party will never win the 2008 US presidential elections. Finally, I will also resolve to do my part in conserving energy and fuel and to not contribute to pollution and global warming. Save water, save electricity and save fuel. Use only when necessary.

                      Well, that’s about it, I guess. There isn’t much else that I hope to see in 2008, except that 2008 will be a year of optimistic and positive changes rather than another year where everything goes downhill again. The year 2008 had already started on quite a depressing note – sex scandals, assassinations and political strife…

                      Let us all work together to make a change for the better and pray for a good 2008 ahead, alright?


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