Christmas is About God’s Perfect Love For Us!

Another year, another Christmas.

Somehow this year, I haven’t really felt or got into the spirit of the Christmassy mood. Perhaps its because I fully agree with this writer’s take on the Christmas celebration and how the meaning of Christmas has been lost and buried under the deep sea of commercialism.

Year after year, Christmas has always been the same thing over and again for me – it’s shopping time for that perfect gift for friends, pig out to my heart’s content, revelling in the joy of the Christmas/year end holidays, singing carols, decorating our church and home and of course, visiting each other on Christmas day. You know, I’d have gotten sick of it all like Jacqueline Pereira and just escape to some isolated place for a vacation if it weren’t for a simple Christmas message that was printed on my church bulletin today. And coupled with the message from my pastor about the fact that we must not forget that Christmas is truly about God’s perfect love for us – the agape love, unconditional love – I felt so much calmer and peaceful as my heart radiated from a strange warmth. A little voice spoke into my heart, “Yes, you have forgotten. Christmas is not about giving and receiving and eating and carols and Santa Claus. It’s about MY love, MY precious perfect love for you. And that would never change!”

I knew it was God’s voice that spoke to me then. I felt comforted. I felt at peace. The fact that all the Christmas craze raging around me has not irked me on bit since coming back from church really says a lot – let them have their Christmas fun. Why was I so uptight about it. As long as I know that Christmas is about God’s perfect love for me, it’s all that matters. I must love like God has shown love to me, was my only thought.

As such, let me share with you the message on my church bulletin – which is a gentle reminder to all of us to spread the spirit of goodwill and love to anyone and everyone.

Some gifts you can give this Christmas are beyond monetary value:
Mend a quarrel, dismiss suspicion, tell someone “I love you.”
Give something away – anonymously. Forgive someone who has treated you wrong.
Turn away wrath with a soft answer, visit someone in nursing home.
Apologise if you are wrong. Be especially kind to someone with whom you work.
Give as God gave to you in Christ, without obligation, or announcement, or reservation, or hypocrisy.
Chuck Swindoll

I cannot begin to tell you how true this is. It seemed such an effort and a chore to do what Swindoll exhorted us to do during Christmas time, doesn’t it? Of course it does, when you think about how unnatural it is for the majority of us to do something that we don’t normally do every time or any time. The things above are certainly not easy for any of us to do. How many of us can swallow our pride and say to someone who have wronged us, “I forgive you and I love you”? How many of us are willing to go visit a nursing home and spend time with the elderly and infirmed? It’s hard to say sorry to people we’ve wronged to, doesn’t it? Sure, we can give away stuff for charity but how many of us do it because we just want to, and not because we were compelled to and have ulterior motives?

I admit that I rarely did any of the above that Swindoll said we should do. And reading that, I felt a tad shameful. And from that, I realised how awful a person I must be to certain people and how I wish I could undo the things I’ve done or said to people without thinking or caring for their feelings. I know I can’t change myself overnight, but I do resolve that in from this time on, I will try my best to be a good person, to do all that which Swindoll told us we should do as much as I could because God Himself has already given so much to us. Shouldn’t we, do just as much, to give back to Him for the benefit of those who not as well-off as us?

I don’t mean to sound like a preacher, but it’s just some bit of soul-searching which I felt I had to do to think about what I’ve done this year and for years passed. I feel that I can’t hide myself from the truth, and I can’t run away from reality, and so, I felt that I should write this down so I won’t forget, so you all would know and be able to put me in my place should I err.

I’m still me, but I do hope, with God’s grace, that it’s a better ME.

Well, have a Blessed Christmas, my dear friends and to all of you whom I love and hate. 😉


  1. You’re right, of course. Thanks for a very touching and true message. I myself have had trouble getting in the spirit of Christmas this year. It’s tough to do, knowing that you have to be on your job on Christmas day instead of being with family. But keeping in mind the *real* reason we celebrate Christmas does help one to get through it.

    I wish you and your family and friends a joyous and peaceful Christmas. May you be filled with the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.

    “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me…”

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