The Top 25 Gadgets to have of 2007!!!

KL Weekly, one of the top online magazines on lifestyle, leisure and entertainment, has just unveiled their annual list of the Top 25 Tech Gadgets to own of 2007. The list features a mouth-watering line-up of cool mobile digital players, software, hardware and computer accessories, this is the best guide there is to the year’s top products. This is one list all geeks and technophiles should check out, at least once!

Among the products to make the list includes Apple’s iPod Touch and MacBook Pro, HP’s Media Centre PC, monitor and Personal Media Drive and much, much more! Most products are available in Malaysia but some have yet to reach our shores but will be made available soon. These include the BlueTooth Fossil Wristwatch and the Segway Human Transport i2 Commuter.

So if you absolutely love gadgets and want to know what’s the best of the best of 2007, click on the image below to check it out now!

KL WEEKLY's Top 25 Must-Have Products of 2007


Please pass the word around, ya! Could do with a little help in publicising about this list. After all, I’ve helped co-found and co-manage and co-write this really cool web magazine since early 2006. Cheers, everyone! And have fun reading and ogling and drooling at all the great products we’ve compiled for your entertainment and pleasure. And don’t be jealous with me, none of us get to keep any of the products we’ve reviewed. They had to be returned… 😦


  1. With the exception of Halo3 (I’m a PS2 man), OSX & iPod (I’m VERY anti-crApple), and the DVD player (no good experiences with Samsung products at all), well, I think Queen said it best in one of their songs:
    “I want it all…I want it all…I want it all…and I WANT IT NOW!!”
    Now, I need a towel to mop up all this drool you’ve generated. 😉

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