Thanks for the memories, Mourinho!

Hail to the Special One! You will certainly be missed!

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea's most successful manager to date with two Premier League titles, one FA Cup and two League Cups.

You’ve been a very inspiring force for the likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Michael Essien and Claude Makelele, without your motivational wisdom and tactical intelligence, the Chelsea Football Team would still not be able the heights of success. Who cares about that Russkie owner and his oily roubles? Without a good manager, a good, inspirational anchor, the team would be nothing! The only person to be blamed for your exit will always be Roman Abramovich!

We will miss the entertainment you’ve put on show for us, we’ll miss the delightful, arrogant and at times witty, repartee with your opponents (other football managers, referees, players, and Chelsea’s own business people), your touchline antics and most of all, your infectious and youthful confidence in the team.

Cheers to you, Mourinho! The team will try to survive without you… we must!


Chelsea confirms Mounrinho’s exit.
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The Blues now need the “Perfect One”
Jose Mourinho severs ties with Chelsea.
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  1. i love the performance of such a succesful manager and i will like to have his daily photos and his recent news as the days proceeds.

  2. I started to appreciate the beauty of football after ur arrival to the english cup. So it’s time for me to quit cause I miss you so much.
    You are my hero.

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