Please spare a thought for the Indonesians in Sumatra

For the last three days or so, the Indonesian island of Sumatra had been plagued by earthquakes one after another with a magnitude ranging from 4.4 to 8.4 Richter scale, even triggering a mini tsunami. Dozens of people were killed and scores more were injured, left homeless and living in fear of the same fate that befell the island in 2004. For those of you who have forgotten (how could you even forget??), a massive earthquake measured at 9.2 Richter scale triggered a massive tsunami that left a huge trail of destruction across six nations, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and billions in losses.

At a holy time when they should be fasting in peace, observing the practices of their religion are most likely the last thing on the minds of the people living in Sumatra. Though the level of destruction had not been as massive as the 2004 catastrophe, there’s no denying that the spate of earthquakes had left nerves in tatters. Many fishermen are now afraid to go out to the open seas, jeopardising their livelihood. Many buildings that are still standing have cracks on them following the earthquakes, and if another big one happens, these buildings can’t stand a chance. Many will not dare to live in them until they are sure that the situation has stabled.

Unfortunately for them, being so close to the Pacific Rim of Fire, stability is unheard of. Who knows when the next big one is going to happen next?

So, please, I urge you all to spare a thought for these people. Pray to whichever gods that you pray to for mercy and for divine intervention, that the people of Indonesia can slowly live in peace and have a sense of normalcy back in their lives. These people had already lost much, it’d be too cruel for them to suffer more.


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  1. They’re expecting a big one soon. An earthquake, I mean.

    And it seems that it was luck that the waters were turned away from land; the tsunami headed towards the oceans, not the lands, thank Gods.

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