“I was elected to lead, NOT to read!”

That line really had me laughing my ass off in the cinemas. For those not in the know, it was a line uttered by President Schwarzenegger in The Simpsons Movie.

On retrospect, that line perfectly, accurately and correctly describe some, if not most, of our leaders in the world who uses these excuses “I only sign the contracts,” “It was approved before two years ago, before I was sworn in as minister,” and “I don’t know” whenever their wrongdoings, shady dealings and other dirty laundry were exposed to the whole wide world.

Well… maybe not so much leaders of the world… it would be much, much, much more accurate to say leaders in Malaysia, be it in the government, civil service or the corporate world.

I’m tired of dungu leaders in the blardy gov’ment. What about you? Let’s pray, for our country’s and our sakes, that each of the government depts and ministries read every little contract detail over and over again as they are carrying out the plans and initiatives in the Budget 2008, 9MP, the Northern Region Economic Corridor and the Iskandar Development Region.

Enough wastage!!!

We rakyat want to see our hard-earned money put to good and proper use, and NOT ending up in some unworthy and unscrupulous contractor’s or ministry underlings’ filthy pockets!


“I’ve nothing to hide”, says Hishammudin.
Go through A-G’s report in detail, ministers told.
Agencies must explain irregularities.
Public will avoid paying taxes if wastage continues.


  1. “I was elected to lead…”
    Well, at least Prez. Ahhhnold knew *why* he was elected, as do most other politcos. So the question becomes, why don’t you LEAD? We’ll discover the secret to time travel before we get an answer to that question, I fear.

    Speaking of the Simpsons, have you seen my latest journal entry? 😉

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