Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends!

Hope you guys and girls have a great time of fasting and reflection this year! Just make sure that you’re fasting because you really want to and that you believe in it, and not fast just for the sake of fasting or that everyone else you know is doing it.  And, to the girls… don’t force yourself if you can’t take it, alright?

And to the rest of the non-Muslims, please, please be sensitive to our Muslim brethren and sisthren as they observe this holy month. Be courteous and nice! Don’t tempt them by eating in front of them! You don’t have to add fuel to the fire… Muslim and non-Muslim relations are already quite strained as it is (no thanks to a bunch of gobloks in the government!), don’t give them any more reason to hate us.

That is all I ask. For peace and harmony in our country, forever! Happy Ramadhan, everyone!


  1. asmerah

    happy ramadhan also to ol Muslims,,,lets bear in our mind that this is holy month and we will not just abstain oursrlves from eating but also from doing bad things and lets spend our tym reading the Qur-an, it will help us in the Hereafter…. dont 4rget olso 2 pray, that’s very mportnt above ol……

    May 4JJI bless ol Muslims!

    The Eternal Wanderer: Good advice, asmerah! Thanks for dropping by and Selamat Berbuka Puasa to you!

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