This blog’s back in English, people! Am I glad! Not to say that I didn’t have fun posting stuff in Malay, I did, it’s just hard to put certain things into proper context in Malay as my Malay vocab isn’t as big as my English’s.

Anyways, let’s get to the gist of this post: my FREAKING AWESOME trip to Singapore to cover the ‘Heroes’ WORLD TOUR!

Let these pictures be the judge of how much FUN FUN FUN I had all round!

Me and Masi!

Me and Sendhil!!!

Me and Greg!!!

Though I am absolutely BUMPED that I didn’t get a one-on-one photo op with Ali Larter, cos she’s really, really so very GORGEOUS! The bodyguards were very protective and strict about her, no surprise since she’s the only female star in the group. Though the stars didn’t really mind being asked for their autographs and pics, the organisers were really pushy and strict. I guess I can’t blame them since they were all pushing for time. Still, I just can’t help feeling that they should’ve left us journos with extra time with the stars. Well, can’t be too demanding anyways or we’ll be blacklisted!

I wasn’t really much of a Greg Grunberg fan on the show, but now that I’ve met him in person, I couldn’t help but love him and his character! He’s so different in person – taller, stockier, much more jovial and is a very funny chap! He had a lot of us journos laughing every minute! He really knows how to charm fans and journos! The pic of me and him is arguably my fave of the lot. If only Masi Oka didn’t duck too far back when I took the shot!

Masi Oka
has always and will always be my No.1 fave though, followed closely by Zachary Quinto. Masi, Masi… what can I say about him, he’s every bit as adorable and huggable (NO! I didn’t get to hug him, as much as I wanna!) as on TV, except with a much more fluent English with a teeny bit of Japanese accent. He looked very relaxed, always with that cute smile of his. Pity we journos forget to ask him to do his famous “YATTA!” shout.

Sendhil Ramamurthy a.k.a Dr Mohinder Suresh… the Indian version of Prince Charming. I’m quite sure many female hearts (and a few guys too, I’m sure!) were all a flutter being in the same room as he is, flashing us with that disarming smile of his.

I’m still on a “Heroes” euphoria high. It may take quite a while for me to recover… I am so amped for the 2nd season that’s gonna begin end of this month! From what’s been spilled by these four, 2nd season is going to be a TOTALLY MAJOR KICKASS! Oh, boy, oh boy! I can’t hardly wait! I’m just going to go catch up on my DVD of Heroes now! Check y’all later!

Oh btw… more pics and a vid as well as a much more ‘formal’ report of my trip on my webzine here. Leave your comments, ya! Always appreciate what people thought of this baby of mine and my boss’.


  1. wah, your job really has a lot of perks! 🙂

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