Lagu Kebangsaan Malaysia

Setiap negara yang merdeka mestilah mempunyai satu lagu kebangsaan negara – satu lagu yang menyatukan rakyatnya dan merangsangkan semangat patriotisme dan rasa bangga terhadap negara.

Bagi Malaysia, lagu yang menjadi lagu negara adalah lagu NEGARAKU, yang mempunyai asal usul yang unik! Mana tau lagu ini mempunyai irama yang amat hampir sama dengan lagu 1940-an yang bertajuk “Mamula Moon”!

Berdiri tegak dan nyanyilah lagu NEGRAKU dengan bangga!

Saya harap kita semua yang menggelar diri kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia masih tau lirik dan irama lagu ini, amatlah malu kalau ada di antara kita yang sudah lupa macam mana nyanyi lagu kebangsaan kita. Ingat, apabila dengar lagu ini dimainkan bila-bila dan mana-mana saja, haruslah semua berdiri tegak untuk menghormati lagu ini. Janganlah sibuk bercakap dan bergerak sesuka hati sewaktu lagu ini dimainkan, nanti orang lain akan tegur awak seorang yang tidak berhemah!

Ingat, ya!


  1. Abel

    It’s surprising that such a post could be created amongst all these that were created in the language of our former colonialists, but that’s the greatest thing about the Malay language, isn’t it? It truly is a Malaysian Language.

    Many Malaysians nowadays don’t really give a penny to the thought of laying down their lives for the country. A few people I know gave all sorts of reasons so as to escape National Service! Now I know that some people would say that I am a hypocrite, but here I declare that if given a chance to serve the country, I would do it.

    Though some of the laws in this country are strict, I am willing to stick by them. Why? Because they are based on probably the greatest law in recorded history – the law that Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. created. It encompasses all faiths, protects everyone residing in the country, and serves justice as it should be.

    Although, truth be told, Malaysia is fast becoming unstable by all the political battles that flood our nation’s newspapers. We are ignoring the bigger picture – that Malaysia was built on the shoulders of the giants that have walked the earth before the current generation. Each leader brings something new to the country, and we should respect that. We may not realise it, but we really do have powerful and respectable leaders.

    I am saying this because I have personally met Tun Dr Mahathir. He was truly visionary, and ever since then, Pak Lah have been trying to fill his shoes. But I ask you, who truly can fill the shoes of a giant?

    We must be united, we must be strong. We must ignore the troubles in the world, in order to solve the troubles within our land. In my opinion, youngsters today are migrating overseas because they think Malaysia is dull. But no! How can Malaysia ever be dull in the eyes of a true Malaysian compatriot who beholds the beauty of the Land from which he or she is born?

    Oh Malaysia! If you really want to be great, make a summons of every Malaysian that have migrated to other countries in search of a better life. Convince them that their Tanah Air needs them more than ever now, not to serve, but to give back to the land that bore their true nationality.

    Oh Malaysia, wake up! If you want stability, convince the government that they should fear the power of the people. Use the Declaration of Human Rights set forth by the United Nations, as well as the laws set forth by the Prophet of God Almighty, to creat a truly wonderful, a truly Asian country!

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