25 More Books to Read

I’ve finally read five novels from my newly updated reading list for 2007, which you can find here.

Yikes, it’s been exactly five months since I wrote my last book review! As much as I want or desire to write a review for the books I’ve read thus far, I admit that at times I lack compulsion to write a review…does that makes sense? Yeah, I think it does… I have the desire, just don’t have the motivation. Partly because when I’ve read a book, I usually need to collect my thoughts and ponder over my feelings about the book I’ve read and look up on the Net to see what other people think of it.

And usually after I did that, which would usually take up about a week or two of my time, I just somehow don’t know where to begin to write my review, and in my confusion and distraught, I lost interest or I’d postpone writing it until I get the motivation back. So, thus, my absence from the House of Scribbles & Endless Jottings in the past months.

Plus, my workload is piling up and I’ve got a lot of personal issues to settle too, so I guess that also took the wind out of my sails. I hate it when this happens. It’ll take me so long to finally get things going again. I’m feeling the urge now, so it’s a matter of time for me to write them before I lost it all again.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hey EW,

    Whenever I get stuck wondering how to begin a review, I ask myself:

    – what is this book about?
    – what about the book do I like?
    – what don’t I like?
    – what do I think about the book on the whole?

    I hope the answers to the questions help you write your reviews!

    Good luck and I hope your personal issues get solved soon.

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