Christina Aguilera Rocks!!! Singapore Trip Report 2

It’s true what they say about Christina Aguilera being a little girl that packs a powerful voice. Watching her performance live is certainly a treat that I will never forget. She’s definitely a great performer, not the best but she’s certainly up there with the likes Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Madonna.

Like Naoko, I think Hurt was her best performance of the night – you can feel the pain and the hurt literally from the way she sang the song. It was a powerful, emotional song that Christina carried off wonderfully and I am quite sure many were moved by her performance of that song.

Other songs that I liked included her catchy Candyman and the very much unexpected Lady Marmalade although it’s certainly a shame that she didn’t perform her breakout hit Genie in a Bottle but hey, her overall performance and the electric atmosphere more than made up for the disappointment. Sadly though, the Singaporeans sure don’t know how to let themselves loose and have fun… they barely moved and danced and sang to the songs… sitting down with their arms crossed with the only occasional swaying of bodies and clapping of hands. The lack of excitement seemed to have something to do with a law that governs behaviour in live concerts and performances that is aimed to prevent crowds from getting too overexcited and rowdy.

I must add that Singapore Indoor Stadium was a great venue for a concert. The sound system was simply amazing – clear, loud and smooth and glitch-free. I’ve heard so much about our much-maligned sound systems here when famous acts perform in Kuala Lumpur, thankfully, such things are unheard of in Singapore. Plus, the indoor stadium is air-conditioned, so, even after sweating buckets from yelling and jumping and dancing and singing, you’re pretty much cooled off quickly.

The sore point was that a little misunderstanding and miscommunication with the organisers led to me losing out on an exclusive interview with her but that’s all cleared up now. I may not get to chat with her in person and have a photo taken of her, but getting to watch her live was more than enough. Plus, I managed to get my hands on a Christina Aguilera concert shirt and the tour booklet. Well, I’m not much of a Christina fan like I mentioned before, but it’s certainly a shame if I don’t bring home some souvenirs to remind me of what was a really great concert.

I spent the rest of my Singapore trip doing lots of shopping and looking for great places to eat. I bought myself a couple of sleeveless vests, a gym bag, three belts and a Green Lantern T-shirt. I went to explore SunTec City and VivoCity, two of Singapore’s biggest shopping malls and came away awed by the great variety of shops that they have as well as how cheap some of the stuff that they have on sale. A Gap T-shirt which costs about RM90 to RM120 here costs about SD$35 to SD$45! The gym bag I bought costs only SD$12.90 at Carrefour when in Malaysia, it’ll probably be about RM39.90 or something. And let’s not even compare the prices for the type of belt that I bought – only SD$3 per belt! And it’s good quality too!

It’s too bad that I had to make my way home on Monday morning. There were still so many things that I have yet get to do or see such as taking the cable car to Sentosa Island and explore the island. It’s been a wonderful, albeit extremely exhausting trip… considering that I watched Transformers TWICE in TWO NIGHTS – first on early Saturday morning at 3.00am then on Sunday morning at 1.00am. Whew!

I also managed to record most of the concert on video, though the quality isn’t that good and but it’s watchable. I’ll be posting pics and vids in a couple of days as I busy myself with work and rest. I’m feeling an onset of flu so, I have to really get a lot of rest and sleep to get me back in tip-top shape!

Ciao then!


  1. WOOT!! Glad to see you home safe and sound!!

    Before you sleep, could you contact lacry in the channel very quickly? She’s been looking for you frantically. 😛

  2. Sesame Street

    What’s wrong with you, bro???? Malaysia too hot for you. Never been to Singapore??? Everything is so good???
    You, Singaporean or Malaysian???
    I am ashamed of you… nothing nice to say about Malaysians.. but all the good about Singaporeans…

    Move on. We Malaysians do not need you…

    The Eternal Wanderer: You have so totally missed the point of this post, my dear. I may be lauding and praising the Singaporeans to high heaven but that only serves to make my point that Malaysia CAN be like Singapore, if not even better, that’s if the Malaysian government and its people could just put aside their differences and stop bickering over stupid, trivial matters!

    I cannot believe that you’re certainly taking the Malaysian-Singapore rivalry so seriously… What purpose does it serve, please, enlighten me. Rather than feeling envious and jealousy over Singapore’s success, don’t you think we should learn from them, learn what they’re doing right that makes their country more develop than ours??

    Of course, I do agree that I may be a little harsh on Malaysia, a country that I do LOVE dearly and I personally can’t think of any place else on Earth to live in, and the fact that Malaysia is a much better country than tiny Singapore is a factor that I have missed out completely. Even so, I cannot see why Malaysia cannot progress at the same speed as Singapore, and why Malaysia can’t be as clean, efficient and effective as Singapore.

    At least I, for one, will doing my part to see that Malaysia becomes a country on par with the Singaporeans, if not better. What are YOU doing about it?

  3. Sesame Street

    Why must we be like Singaporeans?
    Nobody feels jealous and envious of Singapore but YOU!!!

    What part are u playing? By critisizing!!
    Well, that’s great!

    The Eternal Wanderer: Oooooo…. someone’s got his/her panties all up in a bunch! It’s gotta be pretty uncomfortable scratching your crotch or the time, huh? Aren’t you a freaking little hot-head? Sure sucks being you!

    Well, whatever holds your water, dude/babe… if you insist on being a stickler about Malaysia’s “glorious” perfections and refuses to see and improve the wrong things… go right ahead. I’m not going to be baited into a stupid, pointless “Malaysia vs. Singapore” debate with you. I’ve only got one thing to say and that’s: DON’T YOU BLOODY QUESTION MY LOYALTY TO THIS EFFING COUNTRY!

  4. Sesame: If there is something wrong with this country, what’s wrong with pointing it out? Do we have to hide our heads in the sand and pretend that everything is fine and dandy when it isn’t? Why should we silence ourselves?

    Yes, there are differences between Malaysia and Singapore. Yet Singapore is considered to be more advanced than us although they got their start-up late. They are considered a developed nation while we are not. Why is this so? If Malaysia wants to reach Vision 2020, she must look within herself and question why she is most likely going to miss the deadline?

    I am proud to be Malaysian, but just because I am proud to be her citizen does not mean that I must be blind to her faults.

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