Hail all from Singapore! Report 1

Here I am having the time of my life in this little island nation called Singapore.

Left Petaling Jaya by Aeroline bus at 10.00am on the dot. I must say, travelling by this bus is breezy as heck, no frills required and is really comfortable. For those of you looking to travel down to Singapore, it’s best to take this bus service. It’s clean, the cabin crew and driver are pleasant and helpful (I can’t really say much about our Malaysian immigration people at Johor Bahru…all of them looked bored and sully…must be the environment! :-p), and we get a free Subway sandwich and a bottle of mineral water (luckily it ain’t no NeWater!)

On the other hand, the Singaporean immigration are pleasant enough people albeit serious about their job. I got through no problem, the helpful staff explained a couple of stuff to me regarding the immigration card that I had to fill in before I pass through. Other than that, it’s a smooth journey all the way.

The bus dropped us off at Harbour Centre, where I took the nearest MRT down to Orchard Road for a fun time of pleasure shopping! I could really grow to like Singapore and beginning to wish I was born in S’pore. They really do have a lot more stuff in their malls compared to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…where every mall seemed to have the same thing and the same stores. Not with Singapore though, there’s a really good mix of high quality local brands as well as the usual major international brands.

One particular local shop that I pop into was NewUrbanMale.com at The Heeren. And oh my god, what a culture shock I had! Never before have I been greeted so warmly by shop assistants and have one who explained each product clearly to me and patiently answering my questions regarding tank tops, underwear and pants. Kudos to NewUrbanMale.com for training their staff really well and I salute to the young gent who was so patient with me. You put a big majority of frontline service staff in Kuala Lumpur to shame!

Of course, I think they knew that I was kinda taken aback by their friendliness and they took advantage of it! LOL! I came away from the shop with a nice blue tank top and two pairs of underwear, one a brief and the other a white jockstrap. (Pics to follow soon!)

After that, it was time to look for some food…had nothing but only a turkey ham sandwich all day. I went down to the basement level of The Heeren and dined at this self-service restaurant called Vila’ge – The Restaurant In A Village , which was kinda like Marche Movenpick where you’re given a ticket and you just shop for your food like a market. Expensive, but as much as Marche. The food is just so so, but is also still better than Marche’s anyway. I had mushroom soup with garlic bread, spring chicken and mashed potatoes topped off with brown sauce and washed everything down with a bottle of root beer.

Once my hunger has been satiated, off I went to HMV to look at their range of DVD movies. I was extremely delighted to see that they have a much wider variety of movies compared to the stores in Malaysia (there aren’t any European movies on sale legally in stores in Malaysia…only the major popular titles) . I browsed through the shop for almost an hour trying to decide which movies to buy and I finally settled for All About Lily Chou, Farewell My Concubine and Entrusted. I had to let go off some other titles because I already have pirated versions of them and I was seriously tempted to pick up a special two-disc edition of I Not Stupid 2 even though I already got the normal original version which I bought in Malaysia. I think I should stay far, far FAR away from HMV stores for the rest of my trip now…

I spent another hour or more at my next stop, which was the Kinokuniya Bookstore located at Ngee Ann City mall. Walking from The Heeren to Ngee Ann City was just a short walk away. And again, Singaporeans really had it lucky… the bookstore was pretty huge compared to the one in KLCC. And they seemed to have wider and more varied selection of books, magazines, graphic novels, comics and manga! And for the first time ever, to my own surprise and disappointment, I failed to purchase any book at all. Simply because I walked round and round the store look at the books and I couldn’t decide which one I want, and before I decide to splurge, i made a quick exit! I have one complain though, the store has a pretty confusing layout, for me anyways being a first timer there.

After that, its over to Orchard Cineleisure, where I bought a 3.30am ticket to watch Transformers in Digital format at the cinema there. I was really surprised to see they are showing two versions here, the normal version and the digital version. I’ve yet to know what’s the difference, but I’ll be able to tell soon enough when I go later to see it, having already seen the awesome movie yesterday.

After I got the ticket, I headed over to local men’s club to unwind and relax…partaking in the soothing pleasures of the sauna and jacuzzi. After walking for hours, it’s really cool to finally be able to sit back, relax and enjoy life. I really could get used to this, ya know! I’m still at the men’s club, using their free internet usage to make this post.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll head over to the bar to get a drink, I hadn’t got anything to drink since I ate several long hours ago.

That’s all for my first day report of my adventures in this wonderful, clean and pleasure-filled wonderland that is Singapore!


  1. WOOT!!!! Glad to se you have such a great time.

    I won’t be staying in SG unfortunately. Will be in JB instead, as apparently they ran out of hotel rooms for us to book. SEE YOU AT THE CONCERT!!!

  2. tlilings

    I am delighted to know you are enjoying singapore. Have fun!!

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