Christina Aguilera, here I come! WOOT!

I cannot begin to describe the feeling of getting to go to Singapore to catch Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics Live Concert! It’s going to be so freaking amazing, if some of the reviews are true!

Of course, I’m gonna have to be on my best behaviour since this is supposed to be an assignment – catch her concert, meet her backstage, interview her the morning after the concert, and then write about the concert and my interview with her. It’s all for my KLWEEKLY web magazine report. I’ll be gone from tomorrow onwards and will be back by Monday afternoon July 2, 2007.

Oh my god, I’m just so hot for her right now… even though I’ve not really been a big fan of her…but still, my first chance to be up close and personal with a major celebrity!

And Singapore… this’ll be my only 2nd trip ever, and I’m so looking forward to it. And what’s even better is the fact that I’ll be going on my own and its an all-expenses paid trip! How’s that for absolute coolness??

I’ll try to post while I’m in Singapore, if I can find a computer somewhere nearby. So, do check in okay, for updates and all that.

Cheerio, amigos!


  1. i’m not a big fan of christina aguilera either, but she’s the kind of singer whose concerts are one of the must-goes because she’s one hell of an entertainer! you lucky son… i think i better stop here. 😛

    The Eternal Wanderer: Not to worry Sulz, you’ll get your chance one day… if you ever decide to join the media industry, that is! 😀 It certainly does have its perks but it could really give you a lot of mental stress…

  2. “…if I can find a computer somewhere…”
    What? A big-time web journalist such as yourself and you don’t have a laptop?? For shame!! You should convince KLW to spend a RM or two on some hardware. (you know me well enough by now, and know that’s just a little good-natured ribbing, right? 😉 )
    WOW! Traveling abroad on your own AND meeting a celebrity…you’ll be so hopped-up on adrenaline you won’t know what to do with yourself. It couldn’t get any better I suppose, unless maybe it was Linkin Park you were going to interview. Have fun!!

    The Eternal Wanderer: Hey! I DO have a laptop but was advised against bringing it by my boss and my mom for the trip, since it’s not necessary for me to use it on the trip (and yes, i know you’re ribbing me 😀 Can’t you do more than just ribbing? ;-)). I’ll certainly be enjoying myself! Can’t wait to meet her and chat with her in person!

  3. Pat’s going too! 😀
    The Eternal Wanderer: I know! 😀 I hope to meet her there, too!

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