Happy Father’s Day, everyone!!!

I thank God everyday that I had a father for 23 years of my life and that he had moulded me into the person that I am today. My heart goes out to all the children whose father left them while they were still young, yearning for a strong, trustworthy father figure in their life. How will the boys ever learn to be a father of their own when they missed such an important parental figure in their lives? And how will the girls know about the kind of man/partner they should choose without the expert guidance/opinion of their wise and experienced fathers?

What grieves me even more so now is the fact that some fathers don’t even know how to be a father to their kids. The ghastly stories of incestual rape, abuse and neglect that we often see in the media often disturbs me as I never really understood how any human being could treat their own offspring in such a wicked and perverse manner. To these kids, Father’s Day means nothing to them…for their fathers were nothing but a living nightmare. Instead of love, affection, protection and guidance, they received violence, abuse, ridicule and contempt. As a result of these bad experiences, these children will never be able to trust another man ever, it would be so very difficult to for them to do so as the only male figure in their life had betrayed them.

I hope to God one day that these kind of fathers receive the kind of punishment that will come upon them for the things that they’ve done to their kids. How can they even call themselves human beings with intellect when the things they’ve done are so depraved and vile, worse than the worst of animals. Nevertheless, I pray that these fathers would come to their senses and realise the errors of their ways – they should learn to love, offer their kids words of encouragement and support rather than ridiculing them or belittling them.

The fathers of today ought not be the fathers of yesterday’s generation where fathers were devoid of emotion and affection for doing so were perceived to be weakness and giving kids the leverage to climb all over their heads. No, we are living in a different time and we all know now the importance of having not just a strong father but also one who is able to express his love and affection for his children freely without shame.

A strong, comforting hug goes a long way to improving the relationship between a father and child. A pat on the back and ruffling of the hair and stroking the face of their children conveys a deep sense of affection, encouragement and support to the child, letting them know that no matter what happens, they will always have a daddy that they can look up to for help and support. How many of you fathers out there do this to your kids? Again, I am thankful that I am surrounded by a lot of father figures in my church who are all not shy of expressing their affection and love to their kids.

My father has his faults, but whose father doesn’t? Regardless of everything, he is still my father and I love him very much and miss him to bits. He has taught me to be resourceful, to be independent, to think and make decisions wisely and carefully and to always be well-prepared in case of any emergencies. He is all about the details… he is very careful and very thorough kind of person who never smoke, drink or gamble. When he knew his days were coming to an end, even before he got struck down by a stroke, he made sure that his house and his affairs were all in order.

Sadly, it is always when a person is on their last leg of their journey through life that we began to realise how much we need and love each other. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and undo the hurtful things that I did to my father out of my bitterness and resentment towards his apparent lack of affection and love towards me. I know for a fact that during my father’s last 24-36 hours of his life, I said, “I love you, Papa” more times than I have ever said in a year.

I urge you, my friends, to set aside all hurt and grievances from your heart and love your old man for everything that he is. They only want the best for us and which father wouldn’t want that for their sons and daughters? I know my dad would move mountains and brave the storms for me if I ever had a problem that I couldn’t solve…he’ll go all out of his way to do so. And  had never realised that until my dad’s last days and until he was gone. It’s too late for me to make up for lost time with my dad, but I wish it would not be the same for you. Treasure your dads, celebrate each day as if it were Father’s Day.

And to you dads… I only have this to say to you: “A child is not likely to find a father in God unless he/she finds something of God in his/her father.”  Regardless of which ever religion you’re from, I hope that this quote from Glenn Wheeler speaks strongly into your hearts. To be a good father, you must first be a good son to your Father in Heaven. After all, it is only through our faith and reverence to God that we seek to become righteous, loving and honourable human beings.

Wishing all of you a most cherished and joyous Father’s Day. I love you all. 


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