Pirates 3 Rocks!

Just got back from attending a special screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End at GSC Mid Valley.

Suffice to say, the film is a worthy sequel and is soooooooooooo much better than the dismal Spider-Man 3. I cannot tell you how much I just love the PoTC franchise, it’s as big as the LOTR trilogy but in terms of story and acting, Pirates…or should I say, Captain Jack Sparrow reigns supreme!

This third sequel may turn out to be this summer’s biggest box-office earner and may just hold out this summer’s other much awaited releases at bay. Director Gore Verbinski certainly knows what he is doing for the film packs quite a number of spectacular never-seen-before scenes and most importantly, he remains true to the spirit of the first and second film rather than experimenting and tweaking what ain’t broke. Some may not like that, may argue that the film lacks creative inspiration and relies on the tried and tested formula from the first film – but to me, this film is perfect end (?) to the Pirates trilogy.

If you’re going to be watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End, make sure you revisit the 1st and the 2nd films first before watching this, cos otherwise, you’ll lose out on the plot and may end up with a spinning head…literally!

For Pirates 3 is quite a plot-driven film and you have to listen closely to the dialogue to understand the film. In this film, everyone is betraying everyone and you just simply do not know who to trust (just like the pirates of old…you can never trust a pirate!). One character betrays the other but then it turns out that the betrayed had turned the tables on the betrayer but lo and behold, both of them gets betrayed by another character! Confused? I sure as hell was at the beginning.

But that’s what makes the films so downright entertaining and fun! And watching the actors bring their characters to life is just so amazing. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun and enjoying themselves very much in this film. Besides, how many of you would want to pay good money to watch and actor grimacing or sulking his/her way through a film and you could just tell how much he/she just want to get it over with?

Johnny Depp is the saving grace of the whole franchise…he just simply is Captain Sparrow, I cannot think of anyone else inhibiting the role (thank the heavens almighty that Jim Carrey failed to land this role…as much as I like Carrey, he’ll totally ruin Pirates for sure!). The entire trilogy has been based around him and him only. In the hands of other actors, they’ll surely buckle under the pressure to live up to the expectations of the fans, but in the ever-dependable Depp’s hands, there’s just simply nothing to worry about.

Captain Sparrow gets manhandled by the villainous Captain Sao Feng

I’m quite surprised that for once, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley aren’t as annoying as they were in the first and the second films. Knightley, especially, shines in her role as Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of a British aristocrat who got herself involved in the pirate world, no thanks to Sparrow and Bloom’s character, Will Turner. Her character is a complete departure from the stereotyped damsel in distress characters that one would normally associate with films from the action genre. In this one, Knightley’s character Swann shows that she can perfectly hold her own sword and pistols better than her brutish male mates (the second scene in which she makes her entrance in to Singapore is such a delight!).

Captain Barbossa exchanges pleasantries with the tough beauty, Liz Swann.

My other favourite character in this film has to be Captain Barbossa, played by the incomparable Sir Geoffrey Rush, who looks to be having the most fun on this film as well as having the most memorable lines in the film. I, too, cannot imagine anyone else playing Barbossa…he was a mean, scary villain in the first film but here in this one, while there’s still a bit of rivalry and animosity between Barbossa and Sparrow, he remains to be very good hearted, indeed, even if he’s just doing it for his own selfish purposes.

Captain Sao Feng welcomes his uninvited guests to Singapore

Unfortunately, Chow Yun Fatt, new to the Pirates franchise, failed to shine, largely due to the little amount of screen time he gets in this film. He does his fair share of butt-kicking and slashing in the early parts of the film, but his character is largely a filler and totally forgettable. Oh, he played the part well alright, I have no complains about his performance, just that he doesn’t add anything to the film. It’s a pity.

The sets are just amazing. The detail that goes into making the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman still takes my breath away and the Singapore harbour looks quite fantastic too. So does the pirate lords’ headquarters. The battle scenes too, are very well-choreoraphed and the special effects served their purpose to make everything look as believable as possible. I just love the battle scenes involving Sparrow and Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) high above the ships as well as the fight in the whirlpool between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman. Another really eye-popping scene involves the destruction of the film’s main antagonist’s ship….it is to be seen to believe.

Clocking in at almost three hours, the film is a strain on the bladder but fortunately, I managed to sit through the entire film without having to go for toilet breaks even though I had downed a regular size Ice Milo and a regular size Coca-Cola. Just take small sips, don’t drink too much and make sure you’ve gone to the toilet at least twice before the film begins! Heh!

It’s worth a watch this one. Definitely! Well-worth your RM11 spent on the tickets. Don’t miss out on this!

Will there be a fourth? Depp’s open to a fourth and the final scene of this film certainly makes it a possibility. Knightley and Bloom have already ruled out making a fourth and I’m sure Verbinski would love to look for other things to do rather than being tied down with doing a fourth Pirates film. He’ll probably be an executive producer but I don’t see him directing a fourth. Anyways, let’s cross our fingers and hope there’ll be at least another in the future. This may be the end, but it may not be Sparrow’s last adventure!


  1. Saw *Pirates* before me?? I guess being a journalist has its privileges…savvy? 😉

    I saw the 2nd one solely on the strength of the camera work my friends told me about, and was quite impressed. I didn’t see the first one, but I found enough exposition in 2 to have stood on its own w/o viewing the 1st. Drop me an email sometime, let me know if there’s any interesting scenery. 😉

  2. The twists and turns that arise from everyone pursuing their own selfish ends is what makes the mass of betrayal so prevalent and interesting here, ain’t it? “It’s just good business.”

    Naturally, sentimentalists are crying foul over Will Turner’s fate.

    Anyway, did you know that the writers, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio produced this site http://www.wordplayer.com? It’s a website for aspiring screenplay writers. I’m learning LOTS!

  3. I saw the movie twice last week. I thought it was so imaginative it was absurd… but magnificent.

  4. it was a really fun movie..tho i’m still thinking of the storyline. Haha..

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