Stupid, Sexist Government Politicians!!

How can Malaysia be redeemed in the eyes of the world?

By firing these pathetic excuses for a human being and severing ties with them!

But will the government go out of their way to do that?

No, I sincerely doubt it.

What am I going on about, you’re wondering? If you haven’t been following the news…go read this, this, this (you can even watch how it unfolded here!) and this.

Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan

What can I say? Plenty, in fact, but unfortunately, my letter to the editor was deemed a little to harsh and crude for our friendly neighbourhood newspapers. Thus, I shall reproduce my biting letter here, uncensored for all the world to see…and I am totally ready to take it up with the authorities should they find it distasteful. But I doubt they’ll bother, considering I’m just a small little fish in this big ocean of the World Wide Web. You’ll note that I absolutely refuse to address them by their “Datuk” title, because I sincerely believe they absolutely do not deserve it. And that I address Fong as “Datuk” because I respect and admire her skills and attitude in Parliament. If there’s anyone who deserves a title after this debacle, it would be her!

I am writing to express my disgust over the sexist remarks uttered by Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin. Is this the kind of politicians that the ruling government is breeding? I cannot believe someone of his stature could stoop so low and utter such insensitive and insulting remarks. The remarks were totally uncalled for and I feel that if Bung Mokhtar Radin is really a man, he should apologise on his knees in front of the press and beg forgiveness from not only Datuk Fong Po Kuan but also from women everywhere in the world!

It is really shameful that a man such as him is a member of parliament that decides on laws and rules in which to govern the country. How can people like him and his table-banging colleagues make the right decisions when their mentality is inferior to primates? I am absolutely outraged that they also escaped punishment because everyone in Parliament, save for the Opposition, are totally witless to go against one of their own. How can the ruling government gain the respect of the people when its politicians strut around like arrogant, male chauvinist pigs?

This is not the first time a backbencher had insulted women…who can forget a certain minister’s remarks that brides are like toilet bowls? Horrible, disgraceful and utterly shameful. I am a male who is proud and respectful of the opposite sex, and I cannot tolerate the fact that politicians such as Bung Mokhatar Radin and Mohd. Said Yusof (who btw, should have been fired over the “close-one eye” scandal!) are still in the parliament. In other countries, if they want to save face, they would have resigned and apologise! The excuse that the remarks were uttered “in the heat of the moment” and that they were “provoked” were all lame excuses that should have been rejected. I am deeply unimpressed over Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib’s rejection of the motion to refer those two hooligans to the Rights and Special Privileges Committee. He is obviously a coward who doesn’t want to burn bridges with his fellow colleagues.

Despite my respect for the Prime Minister, I don’t think he knows how to choose the right people to work with him. There has been so many cases where government backbenchers have been behaving like ruffians in Parliament much to the embarassment of the people. The time is ripe to spring clean the Parliament of its bad apples. I don’t want to see the hollowed halls of our country’s Parliament tainted and soiled by politicians who cannot behave. I urge my fellow Malaysians who are fed up by our MP’s disgraceful antics to vent their frustrations to the press. There’s only so much we could tolerate!

No surprise who will get my vote in the next election. Shame on the BN!

Philipp C.K. Gan

I believe my feelings over this latest outrage from the very people deemed to be fit to lead the country have been made very, very clear in this letter. It only pains me to know that no newspaper dared to take it up in full. Had it been sent to other publications overseas, it would’ve, no doubt, been published in its entirety. Nevertheless, I’m quite heartened to see that other Malaysians’ less seriously worded letters have been published to voice out their disgust and outrage over these MPs shameful, disgraceful act.

One of the most sexist MP I know...Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar has no shame!

The PM has been strangely silent in this matter over the last week. Perhaps he has the Singaporean PM’s trip in mind to bother about anything else. But he will have to hear about it in the end if this action pulls through.

While the top echelons of the government have been silent and even dismissing the issue entirely (for DPM Najib Tun Razak said it was up to Parliament to decide on the action that could be taken against the two MPs and that the remarks were not supposed to be taken seriously and that there were certain parties out to make a big deal of the issue), others in the government have been very vocal with their protests against Bung and Mohd Said.

My fave, by Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen:

“It shows absolute disregard for decorum and vilifies the dignity of both our Parliament and women in general.”

Here’s another, by Sabah’s Assistant State Industrial Development Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad:

the remarks reflected the MPs’ failure to respect their own mothers.”

Datuk Tan Lian Hoe, a female government MP, said:

“Men parliamentarians should have respect for women MPs.”

My current favourite MP, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim from Kelantan, has this to say:

You don’t talk like that about women. They should have been reprimanded!”

Even a senator was downright pissed…no surprise though that the said senator is a woman…Senator Datuk Rhina Bhar said she was disgusted and ashamed, adding that the statement was “terribly wrong”.

The motion should have been allowed. If he (Bung Mokhtar) was a gentleman, he would have apologised!”

Of course, after all this outrage from their colleagues, this bastard son Mohd Said has the cheek to say this here:

Apologise to Fong Poh Kuan? What is there to apologise for? I did not mean to offend her or other women.”

Oh, but kind sir, YOU have already offended them! And every sensible, right-minded Malaysian and if you have any sense of decency left in your immature brain, you’ll suck it up and do the right thing by apologising…or even better…quit the government for ALL the mistakes you’ve DONE!

Luckily, I have a clear conscience because I have never, ever considered voting for the BN after I turned 21. In the last general election, my vote had gone to DAP. Sure, BN MPs representing my area – Chew Mei Fun and Loh Seng Kok were quite good in their jobs, but to bring about a refreshing change, every vote counts!

So I urge all of my fellow Malaysians to please, please, please remember all the embarrassment , humiliation, frustration and disappointment we’ve had to suffer at the hands of these idiotic government MPs and vote them ALL out in the next general election!!! Enough is enough, I say! How long do you want us all to suffer at the hands of these immature and totally unintelligent, primitive simians? When will we ever learn??

To quote our dear former PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir (I wish him a very speedy recovery from his latest bout of illness):

Use the ballot box to tell the ‘rotten’ government not all is well. Or blame yourselves for the government you deserved!”

It’s kinda sad this debacle had to happen in a year we celebrate a momentous occassion such as our nation’s 50th birthday. Not to mention Visit Malaysia 2007… Malaysia can kiss tourists goodbye, no thanks to Bung, Said and their bigoted, sexist bunch…if this goes on and on.

Nice going, government!


  1. hi, i saw your one-liner in the papers. 🙂 i think they didn’t have enough space for your justified tirade here!

    Eternal Wanderer: Ya, I know that. Just being picky, that’s all…hahaha.

  2. hey… dont brand us all as pigs when there were only 2… 🙂 … i am on your side.

    Eternal Wanderer: Nah… I don’t mean you, of course, zewt! 🙂 It applies only to those who know and admit that they are truly sexist at heart…

  3. Hi Phillip! Nice ‘Shop work with the pix, and wholly appropriate as well.
    Not to defend those sexist pigs, but that’s a common tactic in parliamentary-type debates: using “humor” in an attempt to sway colleagues. And these pigs have once again proved, give them enough time and their words will reflect their true intelligence, or SEVERE lack thereof in this case.
    I, too, had thought that we as a ‘modern’ and ‘refined’ society had learned to put gender bias to rest; it seems there are still a few stalwarts holding onto the old world values. It will probably take 2 or 3 more generations to *truly* realize complete gender equality, I just wish we could be around to witness it.

    Eternal Wanderer: Thanks, my ‘Shop work’s still pretty juvenile at best. I’m learning as much as I can, but a lot of the functions just seem a bit too complex for me.

    I agree with your views 110% – things will only look brighter in the future if we educate our future generation PROPERLY, and it all boils down to how well parents and teachers teach and groom their kids.

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