Turmoil…And Respite

This entire week… can best be described as “one bloody pile of a hellish shit mess…” as I told my colleagues and boss. I don’t feel like embellishing all the nitty gritty details but if there’s one thing I like to do…is to forget about this very week ALL together… March 26 – March 30, 2007 will go down the my personal annals as a dark week that I should totally forget.

That said, I take comfort in the little bit of respite offered in the form of my eldest sister’s visit with her family from Australia. They arrived in Malaysia last night from Sydney and boy, was I so very, very delighted to see them. My nephew Nicholas, has grown so tall now! He’s up to my shoulder in height and he’s still only nine!! I can’t imagine how tall he’s gonna be once he hit his growth spurt!

Today, I’ve already spent the entire day shopping and dining with them. And boy am I pooped! It’s a good thing though, tiredness means no room for wandering, worrying thoughts. The moment I hit the sack, I slip away into a faraway place in the deep corners of my subconscious mind… replaying all my fantasies, hopes and dreams for the future.

That said… I must now go to bed… got to have my energy back in preparation for tomorrow…April Fool’s Day… got to shore up my defenses against the mischevous mind of my super-brainy nephew! Lord knows what little schemes he’s cooking up in his dreams now!

Hehehe… thank goodness for children… without them…we adults would only live half our lifespan.


  1. wow.. what happened last week that made you despise it so much? despite some unfortunate events in the past weeks… i will never exchange them for anything.

    Eternal Wanderer: I certainly wouldn’t exchange them for anything as I have emerged stronger and have grown much more resilient as a result of the bad week.

    I just want to get over it and just keep moving forward as that is all I, and we, could do.

  2. Yeah! Meet The Robinsons rule!!!

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