The coolest new chill out place in town!

Yo yo yo!

Guess where I am now, peeps? Am at the coolest newest chill out place in town right now with my colleagues.

I’m telling you, there ain’t no better place in town right to while away the hours over a cup of revitalising coffee/tea/ice chocolate! Want to know where this new, hip place is??

It’s right at one of my favourite shopping malls – Cineleisure Damansara!

Want to know more??

More info to come!

Ta ta, now, my favourite readers! Yes, I mean all of you! 😀


  1. HUH?? Why did my post get broken??

    Anyway, I was about to ask if I could join you in a cup of coffee, but having thought further about, I don’t think we’d both fit. {BOOM BOOM!} 🙂

  2. hello,
    thanks for your well wishes. i truly appreciate it.

  3. Sora: Oh you sure can! *HUGS TO YA!*

    Zewt: No probs, man! Take care ya! Your mom may not be with you in the physical form anymore, but nothing can take her away from your heart and from your memories! Cherish them well!

  4. mom will certainly be there all the time

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