High Profile Interview


I’ve got a high-profile interview tomorrow with a respected gemologist who works for the Gemological Institute of America. This could be one of the most important and most exciting interview I’ll ever do in my two years as a journalist! And…yikes…I don’t even know this guy/gal’s name yet! Just waiting for more info to come into my inbox now. Ed: Got her  name already. Unfortunately, I’m not obliged to tell.

I can’t really describe this elation I’m feeling right now. It borders between great, nervous excitement and extreme dizziness that has taken the wind out of me for the whole day. Now I can’t do anything productive today with the thought of the interview going on tomorrow. What do I ask? What if I say the wrong things? What if I come across as a dimwit? What if I don’t get everything that my editor wanted? Oh my lord, this heart-pounding excitement-anxiety is really driving me crazy!

I’ve got all research stuff – read everything I could about diamonds, gems, industrial diamonds and conflict diamonds and how one assesses the purity of diamonds and the value. Am I missing anything else? Hope not… wowwee…I feel like a kid whose been given his first big task to do responsibly.

Whew… just breathe in…breathe out… take it easy, boy, you’re gonna make it through all right….

Man, I just love this job! 😀


  1. i know the feeling! for my class project last semester, my classmate and i interviewed rafidah abdullah of 3r. let’s just say whenever i remember back to my first interview ever of someone famous, i cringe shamefully; the things i said! the things i didn’t say!

    okay, that’s not exactly going to help. what is going to help is research, research, research! i didn’t do enough research, thinking questions can come along a la adlibbing, but i was so wrong. well, it was my first time, after all.

    so, wish you good luck!

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