Weekend Trip to Penang – Photos

Sulz, hope you don’t mind I curi your style of writing for this post…

Last weekend, self went on a trip with self’s imouto-chan, Naoko and his bro up to Penang Island. It was a good trip overall, but self wasn’t really self at that time…if you catch what self meant.

Self didn’t mean to cause anyone heartache with self’s emoing and angstying – it’s suppose to be a holiday where all of us can have a good time, relax, recharge, have fun and… er… make out. Gomen ne, imouto-chan!

Self will not explain any further here, doing so will mean exposing more than just self’s feelings (hey, everyone’s entitled to one deep dark secret which they just want to keep it in the closet, geddit??)… Anyways, self just want to wish the best and the most happiest for self’s imouto-chan.

That done, here’s an ultra brief summary:

Self on the right, with my imouto-chan and her bro in the canteen section of the train. Yes, we travelled to and fro to Penang via the night train (and also the ferry). Been a loooooooonnnnnnggggg time since self slept on a train. Brings back self’s kiddy memories. Pic is not so good because imouto’s brother took it with self’s 2MP phone cam.

 Upon our arrival at Butterworth train station, we met up with a friend of imouto-chan’s who accompanied us in our ferry trip to Penang Island. There, we met up with imouto-chan’s boyfriend and another friend – yes, self’s imouto-chan has plenty of contacts, which made me envious of her social prowess (meeting acquaintances is easy for self but gaining & making real friends is hard). Anyways, the whole gang went for breakfast at a so-so mamak before going to check in at the YMCA hostel. After a nice shower and relaxation (plus after a short, weird photo session), we head of for some sight-seeing. This next picture was taken in front of the the grand-looking Penang City Council building. We were dropped off in front of the building as we walked from along the beach to Fort Cornwallis to the Jetty and to Penang Street (I think it was Penang Street…). It was pretty fun, self hadn’t walked around the town in eons and we also bought a few of boxes of of yummy Ghee Hiang biscuits to take back home.


This next picture shows a row of well-preserved pre-war (or maybe it was post-war, self ain’t exactly an expert on Penang history despite self being a history buff) houses turned into shops and offices overlooking the Penang Jetty. These buildings looked so modern now but they still retain a rich history behind them and the architecture is definitely Victorianesque. We won’t be able to find many buildings like these in Kuala Lumpur anymore…even if there is, they’ll be torn down by the insensitive DBKL jerks.

It’s the Penang City Council Building again, taken from another angle.

Here’s a pic of self, imouto-chan and imouto-chan’s young friend. Yes, yes… self looked very scary in this pic. Self isn’t flattered by how self looked on that day…. -__-“

The next pic was taken on the second day. Taken by imouto-chan’s bro. Self was at Gurney Drive sitting on a ledge by the beach, looking into the distance. Note the tall, high rise building on the background behind self. That’s what peppering the length of Gurney Drive. It was a peaceful (then again, maybe not…traffic was bad since it was a weekend. Friend says congestion still happens all the time regardless of whether it was a weekend or a weekday. That’s the price for modern development, people!!), refreshing moment…just to be able to look out into the sea and smell the fresh, salty breeze. This was taken several hours before departed for KL.

Despite everything, self really, really enjoyed this trip with imouto-chan. Self hopes that self will be more like the self my imouto-chan knows self for. Self hopes self is still in imouto-chan’s good books after this trip.


  1. lol 😆 ! any particular reason why?


    Let’s do it again sometime! Though, you sure you ok?

  3. Glad you had a good time in spite of it all. Gambatte ne, ototou.

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