A summary of the things I’ve been up to in the past five days beginning January 26. This may get a wee bit boring, so skip this post if you’re looking for something controversial from me and go browse my archives or the posts categorised in all the categories listed on the sidebar on the right.

Friday, Jan 26

Work as usual. Rushing to complete some articles I’ve been writing besides editing the work of the two interns in my office. This is the first time I had interns to work under me so I really enjoyed that… because I’ve been through the same experience before, I resolved to treat them as well as possible instead of being nasty to them. It’s a good thing my boss is the kind that really want to train people up rather than using them for menial task like an office boy (making coffee, buying food, xeroxing hundreds of documents… ever did that in your internship?) The interns been here since a month, as new as I am in the company but having more experience in this writing business. Both of them are okay in terms of of their journalistic/writing skills, though one is better than the other. That’s about it, I guess.

After work, went to the mall for dinner at Nando’s, then went home to wash my face and then, played some games, surfed the Net and watch TV till about 2.00am. What happened after that I do not know for I was already knocked out. 🙂

Saturday, Jan 27

My youth leader in church, Paul, was having his 22nd birthday party at church tonight. And I hadn’t got him a present yet. So I panicked. And mom gave me a soft tongue lashing for delaying in buying a present for him. I’ve known Paul for about 9 years already, since he was a 13-year-old high school junior in my school. His mom is one of the teachers in my school and she’s sort of like my counselor, so we were pretty close despite the wide age gap.

So yeah anyways, I remembered that I stil have a brand new shirt which I bought from the departmental store last year that I have not yet unwrapped from its package lying somewhere inside one of the cupboards that function as my wardrobe (I have all together three cupboards filled with my clothes, one in each of the bedrooms in my condo complexe). After a bit of rummaging through the cupboards, I found it and praised God that it was still in its plastic wrapper and not opened. So I wrapped it and turned it into a gift for Paul.

His party was quite impressive. He coordinated everything himself and with a few bosom buddies of his. He made a special request that everyone who is attending his party be dressed formally, which I initially thought was a joke and I balked at it. But then, i decided to be safe and just do as he had asked so I went as formal as I liked…which happens to be a short-sleeved shirt and cargo pants. As we waited for others to arrive, I slowly realised what Paul and his friends was trying to do – they were trying to create a warm atmosphere a la a fine dining restaurant.

It really did worked out well. As the night went on, we had dinner, we played a dancing game, then several of us paired off with the fairer sex for a spot of ballroom dancing (my third time ever doing it!) It’s rather cute to see some of the younger youths in my church look so shy…so it was just the older ones like me, Paul and his friends that took to the dance floor. After that, it was time to pay tribute to Paul, praying for him and shower him with presents aplenty. Then, we adjourned around midnight.

Sunday, Jan 28

Woke up in the morning early to go to church, felt a bit drowsy but summoned everything I had in me to make myself go to church, having already missed it for the past two weeks. One week because I gave in to my weaker self and slept through morning, and the ssecond was because it was me dad’s 1st death anniversary.

Midway through church service, a Ben Quah, an old college bud of mine SMS’ed me and reminded me of my commitment to help out as a photographer for the Subang Jaya Community Youth Football League. So, I promised him that I will be there, since I also missed out on the official kick-off of the league last week.

So, after church, I drove home and told mom that I had to go to Subang Parade to meet my friend and since I am not confident in driving on a busy weekend, I got her to drop me off there. Ben picked me up at the appointed time and we had a nice chat in the car regarding the football league. I don’t know why, but I was a little bit higher in my spirits because I really love to watch children play football and wouldn’t mind a bit to sacrifice my leisurely Sunday to help out.

All in all, I took about a 100 over shots, but whoa, it was really tiring! They have so many matches going on at the same time that I almost traipsed round the whole field more than thrice! And Ben was right, a lot of these kids could really play well! Who knows, maybe one of these kids could one day lead Malaysian football to glory like the good old 60s and 70s.

Monday, Jan 29

My car dealer called me up and told me that I could get my brand new car – Perodua MyVi – the next day as soon as the last bit of paperwork has been processed. Oh how I whooped for joy!

Other than that, it was work as usual. Writing articles. Editing articles. Editing photos our clients and advertisers gave us on CDs. Had an editorial meeting to discuss about new content and new stuff to put into our webzine and our print magazine. Rather fun stuff are being planned but whether it’ll be executed or not, we’ll just have to see how serious we are in adopting the new ideas. Of course, I cannot disclose it here since details in the meeting are all P & C.

After work, mom picked me up and we went straight home since she bought me fried rice for dinner already. Watch my favourite anime series Kyou Kara Maoh! and enjoyed it tremendously as usual. I love Yuuri so much! He’s really adorably cute and funny! But also a very kind-hearted guy with a heart of gold and a strong sense of justice…though he could be a little dense at times. Any wonder why I love it so? 😀

Tuesday, Jan 30

Yippee!! Yippee!! I…GOT…MY…BRAND…NEW…CAR!!! WOOOOOOT!!! As I was at work, my mom went to pick the car up for me and did everything I had requested for her to help me do while I’m not there, such as draping my seat with a shirt, putting up car stickers and cutting the plastic off the seats as well as buying a couple of cushions for decor.

I took a couple of not-so-nice pics with my phone cam. Here’s one of them:

My new car.

I blanked out my plate number so that nobody could track my car down and steal it! ^_^ It’s my new ppprrreeccciooouusss!!

After work, my colleagues and I went out for a dinner outing at the Swedish restaurant Marche Movenpick at The Curve. Tuesday was a Crazy Tuesday offer at the restaurant, where for RM38.99, it’s an all you can eat buffet. Except that beverages are not included. Had an excellent dinner…each one of us really had a hearty meal… a meal that all together cost us RM589!!! There were 12 of us all together… so, it’s still pretty steep. Anyways, it’s not like we go there EVERY time. A once-in-a-while indulgence. 🙂

We were supposed to catch a movie called Epic Movie but since we were so stuffed and pretty tired after dinner, we decided not to and just head home. I was pretty damn thankful, cause I was VERY reluctant to waste RM10 for a stupid dumbass movie like Epic Movie. I won’t even bother linking the movie…it’s so bad…you just don’t know whether to cry, laugh or puke!! I rather keep my brain in one whole piece rather than it be reduced to jelly mush.

Wednesday, Jan 31

WWWWHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!! I drove my very own car to work today!!! WOOO-HOOO!!! The MyVi is really a smooth driving car… I’m really gonna enjoy driving it. Now that I have my new ppprrreeecccciiiiooouuusss… I am going to name it…Pegasus, after the mythical winged horse from Greek mythology. I know my little Pegasus will serve me as well as the real Pegasus had served Hercules.

I’ve only stayed in the office for a mere 40 minutes before my boss came in and ordered me to go to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to attend the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system, the Windows Vista. While the operating system looks really stylish and good, I wonder if it’s really that urgently needed by home users. The corporate world and business owners may probably see the Vista as a new step forward to help them in their business, but to the average home user, it may not be so important just yet. But as I will be looking to get a new desktop PC soon, the new OS may well have been pre-installed already. I’ll just adopt a wait and see approach for now.

After the event, it was time to return to the office. Finishing up some new articles and then, before you know it, it was already time to go home. My colleagues checked my new car out and were very happy for me… my boss even telling me that I am officially liberated! That Jan 31 would go down in my personal history as the day I achieved true, total independence! LOL!

Well, that’s all for the updates for now. 🙂 What will tomorrow bring, no one but the Big Guy Upstairs knows. Until tomorrow unveils itself, I’ll just go and catch up with some sleep now…Yaawwwnnn…!


  1. congrats on your new car! why grey colour?

  2. According to Iluna, if you’ve burnt stuff in Win XP, it will not work in Vista.

  3. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? The giddyness of having a shiny new vehicle to roam around in? Enjoy it! All that’s left to do is trick it out with some neon on the underside, maybe a big subwoofer in the trunk (so you can blast your “booty” bass all over the neighborhood), and spinning rims. {LOL} Of course I’m kidding about all that tricking out…or am I??

    Have fun with it!! 😉

  4. Sulz: The colour is called Mocca Silver. Mom likes the colour. My boss recommended the colour. Plus, imho, it’s much better to maintain – don’t have to wash it so frequently.

    Naoko: Is it really? Damn! Where did Iluna get his source from? Did he try it himself already? If I’m going to get a new desktop PC, it’ll for sure come pre-installed with Vista. Hmmmm… what to do…??

    Sora: LOL! After getting this car, I seriously doubt I could summon enough financial power to “trick it out” with all those things you said. Although I like that subwoofer idea, but it’ll most likely burn a seriously big hole in my pocket which I could not afford to.

    Thanks!! I’m certainly having fun!

  5. samster

    *applauds* It’s turning out to be a great month! Hope you continue to have a great year. 😉

    Yes, I’m updating my blog today so you can finally see what’s going on.

    By the way, when are you in Penang? I should be back by Monday during CNY.

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