My Top 10 Favourite Anime Shows

Because of popular demand, I have compiled a list of 10 of my favourite anime shows that were shown over Animax in Malaysia since the channel started early September 2006. These anime shows are what I consider to be very stylish, very entertaining and the storytelling is simply superb – plot, character development and the way the story flows are all executed really well.

The quality of the animation of these shows is pretty good, the seiyuu (Japanese for voice actors) were very talented and suited the characters that they performed and the soundtrack overall is quite memorable as well. The concept for most of these shows are also what draws me to watch them – a love triangle that transcends the boundaries of space, time, life and death (Fantastic Children), the idea that you can get revenge against our bitter enemies through a website (Jigoku Shojo) and a tragic love story between a boy and a princess who has lost her memories (Tsubasa Chronicles).

From the list below, you’ll probably note that I don’t prefer only one specific genre of anime – I love all things anime and all things Japanese (well, except…um…I have a severe dislike for Bleach and Ranma 1/2 – don’t ask me why, I just do!) – as long as the anime managed to hold my attention and interest for at least one episode and make me pine for more, I’m sold. Even if the anime looks a little kiddie and full of sweet and fluff, it would not deter me from watching them faithfully day after day. Yes, even if I’m a guy and while most guys into anime would normally go for sci-fi, action and adventure stuff related to robots, racing, ninja and samurai oriented shows, not me… I just don’t like.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s 10 of my favourite anime shows, in no particular order.


Kyo Kara Maoh


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles


Fantastic Children


The Law of Ueki


Please Teacher!


Gakuen Alice


Jigoku Shoujo @ Girl From Hell


Lunar Legend Tsukihime


Yu Yu Hakusho


R.O.D the TV

The synopsis of these series will be written at a freer time, so I ask that you be patient once more and wait for it. 🙂


  1. Many thanks for the list. Yu Yu Hakusho I’m somewhat familiar with, but the other nine are new to me. It should be very entertaining searching these out and learning about them. ‘Teacher’ and ‘Alice’ look particularly interesting. You’ve given me even more to anticipate, along with HxH.

    Take care, EW!

  2. samster

    Hmmm… ROD is there too… Interesting.

    Hail, Ueki!!! What creativity!!!

    What’s # 6? P.S. Saw Solty Rei. IT was a blast.

  3. Oh… No. 6 is called Gakuen Alice a.k.a Alice Academy.

    Yes, R.O.D. is there too because any series that features biblioholics is a hit series in my books, get it?

  4. spiketru

    yeah the law of ueki rocks! the rest i dont really follow.
    dragon ball’s not there…fushigi yuugi a.k.a curious play is good too.

  5. dark angel girl

    1 – 5, 7,and 9 i’ve seen it. but the anime show that i like it very much is The Law Of Ueki…Its a friendship type of anime…it gave me a spirit of love and friendship…

  6. zzzzzzz

    interesting! i watch them too!

  7. icewounder

    i like the list i have seen some these anime but i was woundering how many episode are there to Tsubasa Chronicle?

  8. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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