First Book Review of 2007

Head over to my other blog to read my first book review of the year 2007. Please share your thoughts and leave a comment there if you’ve read the book before and if you don’t, leave a comment anyways to let me know if my review is ok. Thanks!!

And as a treat for my friend Sora, and also for everyone else who’s probably looking forward to it… there will be one list that I’ll be putting up in a few days… the Top 10 Anime/Manga that I have enjoyed in 2006, thanks largely to ANIMAX and also the wonderful manga collections at the bookstores.


  1. TV3 is showing SUBS of anime. SUBS!!!

    Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach will be shown SUBBED!!!!!


  2. “And as a treat for my friend Sora…”
    Ohhhh, I could just KISS you!!! I, taking into account your hectic and gruelling schedule, am truly appreciative of a fellow…what’s the term, otaku??…who knows my tastes and can point out the cream of the crop. I’ll anxiously await your picks of ’06.

    Many thanks, dear friend!
    BTW, did you recieve that file I sent? Just want to make sure it didn’t get lost in the ether or something.

  3. Naoko: WOOT! I’m looking forward to Full Metal Alchemist!!

    Sora: Anything for you my dear friend!
    No, Sora, I did not get any e-mails from you. Why don’t you try the e-mail which I had put up at the top of the left sidebar? Yahoo can be a bit cranky at times…

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