Hopes for the New Year

It’s that time of the year again when I jot down the list of hopes and wishes for the new year. In terms of material goods that I wish to have, that list has been made. You can see it here. I will also be making a separate list focusing on writing and books.

What do I think 2007 have in store for a normal 24-year-old chap like me who’s trying to make his dreams a reality? Whatever the year may be bring, I will nevertheless strive to be a better human being by doing the following:


1. To smile more often, be more cheerful and optimistic even if the times are hard and difficult.

2. To maintain a consistent level of self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. To keep my emotions and feelings in check so that they will not go out of hand.

4. To avoid cursing unnecessarily.

5. Refrain from gettin drunk.

6. Sleep at a punctual time of 11.30pm and wake up at 8.00am everyday

7. Maintain a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables – avoid oily and high-calory food if possible.


1. To work enthusiastically and maintain good work ethics

2. To obtain a salary increase by year end.


1. To be diligent in maintaining contact with my sisters through e-mail – at least once a week.

2. To treat my mother with patience and love.

3. To avoid getting into needless arguments with relatives by not making snide comments or bad-mouthing them.

4. Visit my relatives in Penang at least twice next year.

5. Remember my sisters’, my nephews’ and niece’s birthdays and send them an e-card.


1. Continue to foster closer ties with my inner circle of friends.

2. Treat my friends with respect and love them for who they are regardless of their faults and not for what they can do for me.

3. To meet more new people and hopefully form new friendships

4. Strictly refrain myself from gossiping about others and backstabbing people – treat everyone equally regardless of their faults and their weakenesses.

5. To have a forgiving heart


1. Be more active in volunteer work in causes that I am passionate about – sign up for at least two NGOs and participate in their programs.

2. To smile, be polite and charitable to others regardless of how I am treated and regardless of race and religion.

3. Helping the environment by cutting down the use of electricity and water at home, drive only when I have to and manage my wastes better through recycling.


  1. hmm, never pegged you as a social drinker even, much less getting drunk!

    i’m all for cursing because it really helps to get your stress out of the system. though admittedly too much of it may make one forget their habit and start cursing at inappropriate moments…

    hah, good luck on the sleeping one. if you can succeed there it’ll help you maintain or even lose some weight! (did you read that study about people getting 8 hours sleep being slimmer than their peers who have less than 8 hours sleep a night?)

  2. lovelyloey

    My new year’s resolutions are very much like your Personal ones; to have less drastic mood swings, to not booze (too much), to kinda let my ego oversize my self-doubt so that I’ll be a happier person (hopefully).
    Anyway, Happy New Year! May we all keep to our resolutions. Heh.

  3. Sulz: Well…I try not to get drunk most of the time when I party with my friends during special occasions like a birthday party or celebration. This year, I only got konked out twice!

    Yes, I agree with you that cursing does help one relieve stress and tension and I tend to do that a lot, that’s why I have to try and tone down as much as I could. “F*** it!” is still my fave cursephrase. 😆

    I’m a night owl, so it’ll take a lot getting use to to sleep early. Most of the time I sleep at about 1am, the latest was 2am and this year I have managed to go 36 hours without sleep a couple of times. But I decided to try and have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep after reading a research that I would most probably die young if I don’t sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

    I’ve heard about the research you’ve talked about…I don’t really believe it since my late father sleeps quite a lot and it only caused him to gain rather than to lose weight.

    Lovelyloey: Haha! Yes, let’s hope we can diligently follow through our resolutions! Happy New Year to you too, lovelyloey!! 😀

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