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This year, I am very much more aware of the political shenanigans of my country and also that of the world than ever before. I have always been interested in politics – I sincerely believe that we citizens should always make ourselves conscious and aware of our political situations in order for us to ensure that the politicians and the elected representatives are doing their job that we citizens expect them to do rather than making stupid decisions, saying stupid things, breaking the law and doing nothing.

However, this year, my passion for politics grew more as a result of my dissatisfaction of the way Pak Lah’s government has been doing things and the way things are being handled by his stupid lackeys and cronies who are doing all the law-breaking behind his back. I am also incredibly annoyed and irritated by stupid local elected representatives who are obviously saying and doing things just to get their five seconds worth or limelight. Let’s not forget those idiotic, arrogant fools who build palaces among poor neighbourhoods, who ask authorities to “close one or two eyes” and local councillors who think they can do anything and everything they want because they are councillors. What I wouldn’t give to see these bastards get their just desserts!

This year has proven to be one political mess after another for Malaysia. Everything that the government has done has been one big mistake after another. They are more interested in wasting funds to build new megastructures rather than improving the existing ones and improving the lives of the people as well as the public transport service. How do they expect megastructures such as new sports complexes, new shopping malls and new towers to improve the lives of the people? Let’s also not forget other stupid actions such as banning of books, the stupid khalwat raids, the endorsement of Mat rempits, the inability of the government to harshly punish the corrupt politicians who broke the law and the stupid statements they have made regarding women – from the way they dress to the way they have been indirectly blamed for causing snatch thefts. Have our politicians gone barking mad?

I’ve done my part by writing in letters to newspapers, four of which were published this year in The Star and The Sun. Of course, like one letter pointed out today, do our elected representatives and the government officials ever read and respond to the letters in newspapers? I doubt they do. They are more interested in making brash, idiotic comments about women, about race, about religion and insulting each other in Parliamentary sessions rather than reading, listening and hearing what the public are saying. How I yearn to have a Speaker’s Corner which will force these political idiots to listen to the people.

I hope 2007 will see an improvement in the way this country is being run.

Globally, everything is still much the same, except maybe that the world has become slightly more dangerous… US death toll in Iraq has surpassed the death toll of September 11, 2001. Continuous war in Sri Lanka, Somalia, Palestine, Israel, and Lebanon, more political upheaval in Thailand, the Fiji Islands and tensions caused by nuclear-power minded countries such as North Korea and Iran has not done anything to improve peace and stability of the world.

Thankfully, there’s a glimmer of hope yet – I rejoice at the fact that the Republicans in the US has been trounced by the Democrats and that the devil himself, Bushy Jr., was forced to fire his minion Rumsfeld the Tyrant. Let’s hope the Democrats bring on people that are responsible, peace-conscious and capable as well as charismatic to kick Bushy Jr’s butt out of the White House. I seriously hope that Senator Hillary Clinton will run for office…I shudder to think what will happen if that other demonic minion of Bushy’s – the new, modern Blood Countess, Condo Rice – takes power.

Here’s to a much better 2007, politically – here in our country and also in the world.

Financial and Economy

I’m not a banker or an economist so I will not make any observations regarding our local economy and the world economy. I do, however, hope that foreign investors will keep coming to Malaysia and ignore the political shenanigans in the country. They should not be deterred to invest and set up businesses here in Malaysia just because of a few stupid remarks and actions and policies of the government. The general consensus among the public and the corporate world is that we welcome foreign investors and there are many bright prospects and golden opportunities to do business in Malaysia.

Also, I hope that there will be no more price increases in the coming year. This year alone saw the price of toll rates, fuel, electricity and water rates increased by the government and yet, majority of the people’s salaries have not increased at all. Those that suffered the most this year have been the lower-income group and the extremely poor.

Personally, my finances this year has been an utter disaster…but thankfully, next year would see a change for the better…as long my new job is stable and my position is guaranteed and secure. Much of the reason why my finances this year was near borderline in the red was very much due to my poor budgeting skills and my manic shopping sprees at book warehouse sales, at PC fairs, anime-related items and other household and everyday items. Also, since I subscribed to ASTRO this year, my total bills which I have to pay has gone up to about RM600++ monthly. 😦 Let’s not forget the two major car accidents and the summonses I had to pay… 😦 😦

May 2007 bring me a fresh windfall and improved finances!!

Work Matters

This year, I have only been freelancing off and on, so the pay was rather meagre. Thankfully, oh thankfully, I managed to secure a full-time position at an up-and-coming lifestyle magazine for the elite this month itself. My position as a senior writer-cum-photographer comes with a salary twice what I got during my teaching days at an international school. I have been performing well and my boss has been a great encourager and mentor, so I have really high hopes for the future in this career. All I need to do is to keep my mind positive and continually work with the same level of consistency and enthusiam as I am now.

On the side, I have also just signed myself up as an authorised dealer for Amway goods in Malaysia and hope that I can put my persuasive powers and PR skills to good use in order to earn a small side income. I have done quite a fair bit of research on Amway and I believe their products and services are genuinely 100% trustworthy, authentic and workable. I am working under a group of admirable professionals who has succeeded in earning passive income through this business to the extend that they no longer have to work full-time. My hope is that I will also be able to reach the same level as them.

Goals Scored & Met

Well, unfortunately, I was not in a goal-meeting or a goal-scoring mood so, my current list of 75 goals that I want to meet or fulfill have not yet been achieved. No progress was made this year in order to fulfill or meet these goals.

However, on my 2006 Wishlist, I am thankful that I got quite a fair bit of what I wanted. I got a new DSLR camera, got my ASTRO subscription, got a new pair of glasses and I got a new webcam! Getting all these probably contributed to my inability of getting RM10,000 in my Bumiputra Commerce (now changed to CIMB Bank) savings account.


Ask anyone in my church and Christians who’ve met me and they will probably tell you how spiritual and in love with God I am. In a certain way, I guess I could say that I am indeed a spiritual person since I worship without a care for anyone in the world. When worship comes around, I will gladly sing, shout, dance and clap & lift my hands outward to God as it’s between me and him. However, I have not been as frequent in church as I would like to, mostly because I sometimes have to work or study during weekends.

This year, it is safe to say that I am shunning the conservative path of Christianity entirely and have since adopted a more open-minded, liberal view of Christianity. I no longer adhere to the traditional interpretations and understandings of the Word of God but my own. I refuse to listen to anyone who dares to act in a “holier than thou” manner because it is not their right to judge or decide how I live my life. I believe that God loves everyone regardless of what they do and that as long as people acknowledge God as his personal saviour and Lord, he is saved.

All I want to say to my Christian friends in church and everywhere else is this – don’t try to change me ‘cos I refuse to be changed. The Holy Ghost is alive and well in me and He certainly no doubt approves of me living my Christian life in this manner and way. I am a liberal so stop bugging me with all your ultra-fundamentalist and extremist Christian ideology and stuff it down your own kind’s throats!


‘Nuff said. Next up, My Hopes for 2007.


  1. Happy New Year. May the new year brings blessings and enlightenment to all seekers of truth. Reach out beyond us, that is the hallmark of a citizen of the world.

  2. Thanks!! Same to you too, inspigoblog! May the year 2007 be filled with good things for you!

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