2006 in Reflection, Part 1

Less than 48 hours, we will all bid adieu to the year 2006.

2006 has been a year of mixed ups-and-downs and with many highs as well as many lows for me. The highs only started picking up towards the end of the year. Nevertheless, I have much to thank for throughout this year. I realised that there will be many people who would rally to me in the times that I need help and I know that they are never far away – you people should know who you are… 😉

Most people would probably list down a certain number of events that haveoccured during the year to reflect on but for me, I’m going to do things a little differently. I’m just going to focus these areas only – Personal Development, Social Life, Circle of Friends, Online World, Family Life, Politics, Financial & Economy, Work Matters, Goals Scored & Met and Spirituality. This is going to be a long post, so it will be divided into two separate posts.

Personal Development

2006 was the time where I really sought to improve myself – gaining new skills and knowledge, discovering and understanding more about myself and most importantly, having a better control over my emotions and feelings. One of my weaknesses from over the years was that I was very prone to having mood swings – I can be happy at one point of the day but ending up at the end of the day depressed and sad.

These mood swings would prolong for quite sometime and I simply become quite easily agitated and annoyed with everything and at everyone, thus resulting in me being crabby and hot-tempered for quite a lot of times. I am glad however, to say that this has been largely minimal this year and most of my anger, annoyance and loathsomeness were directed at the government of the day over a series of idiotic things that they have said and done.  

A few things have contributed to my  personal development this year – participating in the Jack Canfield seminar early in the year, attending a couple of seminars and forums organised by UNITAR, the privilege of having exceptional lecturers for my Bachelor of Education course and not to forget, signing up for a creative writing class organised by Bibliobibuli. The latter was the most fun seminar/workshop I’ve ever participated in. I’ve also enjoyed the Jack Canfield seminar a lot, he was such a fantastic, successful person and his success principles really do work! He has opened up my mind to believe that I can do the impossible as long as I remained positive, optimistic and work hard at it.

Social Life

I am also thankful that my social life has shown lots of improvement this year. I’m really learning to enjoy life and not just always cooped up at home wasting my time on the computer playing games and Web surfing. I’ve made a few shopping malls, cinemas and bookstores as my second home and I really am thankful that my life is not all about work, work, work and make money and more money.

Thank gosh for these places/retail shops – The Curve, 1 Utama, Cineleisure Damansara, Borders Bookstore, Golden Screen Cinemas, Starbucks Coffee, Secret Recipe, Delicious Cafe, Speedy Video and Sun Comics. Without these establishments, my social life will be zilch to say the least.

Circle of Friends

I count several people as my inner circle of friends – Naoko, LesbianHarlequin, Journey of a Dreamer and my editor & close confidante, Ian SYY. These four people are the ones that I treasure most for they have always stood by me regardless of the kind of person that I could be at times. These four people are the ones that understood me from the inside out and are the ones that have never failed in the times that I desperately need their support. Please accept my apologies for the things that I have done throughout the year 2006 that might have caused you much grief and might have jeopardised our friendship.

Besides these four, I am also thankful that I have another group of friends from the Christian community that have always prayed for me and my family. People from my church and other Christian friends have also been a wonderful blessing to me and my family this year and I hope that our ties together will be stronger next year as we fellowship with one another, pray for one another and worship our Beloved Creator together in harmony and unity.

Another group of buddies that I hope to re-establish connections with are my ex-schoolmates and ex-collegemates. I know I am at fault for not being more dilligent enough in maintaining contact with you all but I really hope that I can do that now. I am so happy that I managed to get in touch with people like Hsien Liang, Jason Khoo, Kevin Nah and most recently, Hong Kheng as well as others whom I met in school and in college. Hope to meet up with all you one of these for mamak!

Next, are my colleagues and other acquaintances who share in my hobbies and interests (you IRC ComicFiesta folks who knew me from my screen name Yuuri_Shibuya and as Naoko’s onni-chan Phil). I have always been relatively shy when meeting with new people and I just hope that you all give me the time for me to fit in. I enjoy your company a lot and hope that you and I could become firm friends in time to come.

Also not to forget are the vibrant, passionate group of writers, bookworms and authors that I had the privilege to meet as a result of my participation in Bibliobibuli’s creative writing workshop. I am really glad to be able to rub shoulders with people like Ted Mahsun, Lydia Teh and other group of local writers that I admire. I resolve to meet up with you all as much as possible in time to come as I continue to feel my way around the local literature scene and build myself up as a writer and an author. Thanks for your support and constructive criticisms!!!

Online World

I have also participated in several online forums and chatrooms that cater to my interests and hobbies. I’ve met a lot of online blogger-friends as well as others from various forums that I participate in under various screen names. I hope one day we could meet up in the physical world – though that would be quite hard for those of you from overseas. Nevertheless, I hope that we could continue having a firm online friendship into the next year and the year after that. Especially to my online friend Sora and also Mark MyWords.

Oh, I also hope to become more active in other forums that I used to participate in but not anymore at the moment. Please don’t boot me out yet, ya!!

Family Life

My family life took a tragic turn in January 2006 this year. My dad was struck down by a stroke on January 6, 2006 and sadly, he departed from the family and from this world on January 22, 2006. He will always be cherished and remembered and we look forward to meeting him some day in heaven.

More personally, I am thankful that I managed to resolve my conflicts with my dad before he took his last breath. I do have regrets that selfish me never got the chance to understand him better and realised that despite our disagreements and arguements, my dad had meant well and that he truly loved me from the bottom of his heart and had only wanted what’s best for me.

So, right now, with my sisters all living faraway elsewhere, that just leaves me and my mom. Regardless of what people say about my filialness, living with an overbearing mom is not something that I enjoy. Nevertheless, she is still my mom and she has gone out of her way to make things easier for me that I cannot put the blame on her entirely. I still have a lot of selfish pride in me and my desire for independence do get in the way of our relationship at times. I just wish that she just let go of me a bit more and stop being so clingy and stop using stupid verbal threats to make me conform to her wishes and wants. I’m just so worn out from arguing with you and putting a front for everyone else, especially my church people, that we are close.

Next, on my sisters. I can’t really describe much about my relationship with my sisters because they live so far away and I seldom kept in touch with them. I guess it’s really up to me whether I want to or not. But I am thankful that I can still rely on my sisters for advice and assistance when ever I need it. My eldest sister did came back to visit us for a short while so that was great and my second sister is in Johor now so I hope the flood’s not affecting her area much. And my third sister gave birth to her second son early this year as well. So, am glad that they are living their lives as happy as they could.

On my relatives, from my mom’s and dad’s side, I didn’t really bother to be in touch with them. I’ve never really fitted in well with my uncles, aunts and cousins because they weren’t really the kind of people I’m interested to hang around with. Besides, they are all so much older than I am…I am the only one in the family that is still single, unattached and unmarried. The pressure for me to hook up with a girl soon is enormous and I tend to avoid family functions whenever I could. Of course, mom ‘s not too happy about this and she’ll always be the one who tries to get me to be friendly with them. Whether or not next year will see an improvement in my relationship with my relatives, it all depends on them not being too intrusive over my personal and private life.

=======to be continued in next post=======


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