Internet Crawl

Internet connection from my home has generally improved although it’s still rather slow – slow, but not at a snail’s pace…more like a tortoise pace.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that I managed to blog at last! I nearly couldn’t work at all on Wednesday – couldn’t access the overseas websites at all from the office and from work. I still can’t surf to some sites that are hosted on servers overseas but I was able to check my emails today, so I’m thankful.

Indeed, it does seem like something major always happen, like, after Christmas celebrations and that sort. Two years ago, it was the tsunami…last year, don’t remember anything major and this year, another earthquake rocked the Asian region causing damage to undersea cables vital for communication among Asian countries and with the world. The fact the damage will take three weeks to fix is rather daunting.

It makes me ponder that we have become so dependent on technology that when something happens to it, we’re like stranded on a deserted island…feeling lost and utterly hopeless. That’s exactly how I felt on Wednesday while attempting to do some research on a feature article – so much information are obtained online these days that when Internet goes down for whatever reason, our access to information and up-to-date info would immediately be cut off.

Man, just imagine what would happen if some sort of terrorist organisation have the means of destroying and sabotaging important undersea cables in order to cut off a specific region’s connection to information and other countries. The whole world would be thrown into a chaos.

It’s a rather frightening prospect which I hope will never come true, though it would make quite a good basic plot for an action-thriller now wouldn’t it?


  1. Seems as though all those kids who got new computers for Christmas have logged in and slowed things down for us. I’ve noticed the same performance hit on this side of the pond. Or maybe it’s the iPods; they were popular gifts this year and now everyone’s going online to download songs. Yeah, that must be it.

    I like your story idea; tuck that one away for yourself, maybe it will come in handy someday, like around November. 😉

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