Will be extremely busy in the next couple of days

So much work to do!It’s time for me to take another one week hiatus from blogging, considering that my schedule is kinda pack coming to the end of the year. Moreover, my office has just shifted to Tropicana and there are quite a lot of things to do. It’s an exciting time, nonetheless, and I do hope that after this one week is out of the way, I’m able to concentrate on blogging AND my normal work stuff.

So, if you’re looking for new stuff up here on this site, it won’t happen till I return online on My work is piling up...arrgghh!! >.<December 19. Nevertheless, I’ll still be posting a couple more stuff before I turn in for the day, which should be enough to pacify you faithful, loyal readers of mine. Thanks so much for putting up with all the crap, rants, musings for this past year! You readers rock! ^_^

Well, just in case you guys are hankering for new stuff, please do browse around my “Records of the Past” at the bottom of the left sidebar. You’ll find lots of interesting items there that might make you laugh, happy, sad and cry not to mention angry too!

All that said and done, have fun and see you in a week!

Busy busy busy


  1. Edseverripit

    *sees the words see you in a week* okay! 🙂

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