Can’t Sleep, so did this meme.

I played this meme at the behest of my imouto-chan , Naoko, and this is the result (bear in mind that I did this at 2.00am):-

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 47 people about this game.
Jared Locke is the one that you love.
• Samuel Low is one you like but can’t work out.
• You care most about Bee Har.
Joshua Ling is the one who knows you very well.
Bee Kwan is your lucky star.
Save Tonight is the song that matches with Jared Locke.
Welcome To My Life is the song for Samuel Low.
I’m Not Perfect is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the song telling you how you feel about life
Take this quiz

Needless to say, I was playing around with the love part as I can’t really think of having a crush on any girls yet but Jared has been on my mind a lot lately so.. ya anyways, this meme is quite shockingly accurate. I indeed, cannot figure out whether my best friend is gay or not!! XD XD

And Bee Har, my second sister, is really the one I cared for most, and the last two songs Hoobastank’s I’m Not Perfect and Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams are really spot on that it’s rather creepy.

Very cool. Now, I’m supposed to send this out to 47 people, but shamefully, I don’t really have that long of a contact list in my address book.

Yeah, pity me…now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to trying to get some valuable shut-eye.


  1. *raises eyebrow and half-smirks* Why am I not surprised…..?

    Anyway, will be in town for Planetshakers conference. Just thought you’d like to know in case…

  2. Where, when, what time and how long?

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