Death of Three Innocent Brothers

Have you read this news report yesterday? You should’ve ’cause it made frontpage headlines in the NST and The Star.  

Words cannot describe how broken-hearted and angry I was when I read that these three innocent brothers died for the mistakes that their parents had made. Another example of the scourge that is loan-sharks and the money-lending racket. It may be yesterday’s news, but it still troubles me deeply that three innocent kids have their short lives on Earth cut short by miserable low-lifes who is unworthy to be their parents!

But I guess I could find solace in the fact that I know very well that the three boys are now in heaven, safe in the arms of God and comforted forevermore.

But still, how could their parents do such a dastardly act?? If they want to end their lives, spare the kids, damn it! And the remorseless father is worried more about the wife than his dead children! Regardless of the reason they did what they did, I wish for the stiffest of punishments to befall these two good-for-nothing adults who has deprived their other families and the friends of the boys the company of their three obviously precious and well-loved sons.

They have no right to blame their actions on the loan sharks – who asked them to borrow money from them? They should’ve known what the consequences would be when you’re dealing with loan sharks, many of whom belong to the underworld and it is not beneathe them to harass their “clients” to the point of suicide and desperation to repay their debts.

The authorities seriously need to do something with this money-lending racket. So many families have been torn asunder by this scourge monopolised by the Malaysian underworld. But I won’t be surprised if some of these powerful loan sharks have already bought off the authorities and have connections to powerful, influential politicians. We’ve seen this happen in Hong Kong movies – true, it may be the movies, but fiction is always inspired by real-life.

Please, please, whatever you do – DON’T BORROW MONEY FROM LOAN SHARKS!!! IT’LL ONLY END IN MORE UNNECESSARY SUFFERING FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR PRECIOUS LOVED ONES. There’s always a better alternative! Killing yourself and your loved ones is not the way to solve things, it’s a cowardly thing to do. Get help from the right people, people such as the Befrienders are always, ALWAYS on hand to help you!

I pray that we will not see tragedies which has befallen the Seah family in the media ever again. I appeal to anyone who knows of families who are in dire straits to get them help before they do something destructive like this! Where is your sense of neighbourliness? I, for one, will not hesitate to stop Mr Seah from doing what he did had I known or suspect that he will. I am sad that the Seahs’ other family members did not lend a hand to counsel them and assist them…blood thicker than water? Obviously that’s not the case with the Seah family.

Enough is enough. I’m sick of it all. I wish I could stop reading the news forever…I don’t know how many stories of humanity’s sufferings that I can take before it drains out all whatever that’s left of my sense of faith and hope in humankind. *Weeps*

To the boys: Seah Siew Tong, eight, Siew Mun, 10 and Siew Cheung, 12 – I pray that your souls rest in peace up there in heaven. The worst is over for all of you now.  


  1. Ed

    What may be faced by those parents could be more devastating which is suggestively of how unecessarry of you can be bothered by one’s problems that you have little influence nor relationship with.

    In case you may feel a lil’ upset of my opinion, please do not, that will be contradictory to the freedom of speech in the Internet, for disliking a comment in a blog is equivalent to disliking what a person may be blogging about that can be criticised at.

  2. Ed, I’m the last person you’ll ever think of censoring blog comments, unlike some more famous and popular bloggers who do so. You are entitled to you opinion and so am I, it’s one of the things which I respect most and I expect everyone else to respect my right too. It’s why I’m a fierce supporter of the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign (see sidebar on the right).

    I know that I have little connection or influence to those families, but nevertheless, we ALL should feel terrible about what had happened. I cannot accept anyone who reads about the stories of these families and not feel any sort of emotion. It’s just…well…creepy…and scary.

    I consider children to be the most precious thing God could have given to the family. The fact that the parents brought the troubles on themselves does not justify them killing their offspring, God’s gifts to them, just so they can get out of the mess they are in. I am so bothered by all this because I choose to be bothered rather than ignoring it or giving it a miss.

    Talking about it spreads awareness of issues such as this to the public. It would let people know that such problems still exist in my country and that these people need all the help they can get. I’m just doing my part for society…and I know that I might one day face this kind of situation if I get my degree in Counselling at the end of next year.

    So it’s best that I start talking about it and thinking of ways which could help these families. Like I mentioned in the post, I’m quite fed up of things like this happening in the country I love and I will not stay silent and do nothing about it!

  3. Ed

    I know you’re sympathetic about this, but what I’m really saying was that you failed to mention your emotional concern to their parents not because of their fault, but due to the aftermath of thier mistake. Instead, like most people, you decided to lash it out at the guardians entirely without knowing that God’s mercy and forgiveness also applies to them. And while it is difficult to give the benefit of the doubt to both sides, what really matters is that the parents will be guilt-striken due to their mistake, and it will be definitely a crippling feeling. And this is the part of my comment you have slipped and ostracized from your feelings.

    It’s okay that you are sympathetic towards the kids, but it is unimaginable to get upset and bothered by the lives of others, rather than focusing of what may cause us despair that is already in the midst of our own lives.

    Metaphorically speaking, checkthisout. Rule#7:

    “So, before you save the rainforest from the parasites of your parents’ generation, try delousing the closet in your own room”. Try to get the metaphor of this. It can relate to what I want to say. Plus, this is your very own post in your own blog.

    Ofcourse, unless you’re the emo type of guy. And if that’s the case, you can delete this comment on my permission.

  4. Corgan

    To ed: It is not an emo-like behaviour if Phil expresses outrage over this kind of incident.

    It is tragic maybe if people wanted to end their own lives, but it is irresponsible to drag other lives cause by their own neglect. When people expresses rage over a baby thrown off from a flat and crushed his head, it’s silly to call this kind of behavior emo.

    I presume as you said something about God’s mercy and forgiveness applies to them that you’re a Christian. Perhaps for people of some beliefs God do not have mercy on guardians who take away lives instead of protecting them. If heaven do not exist, wither the children go? It is much more upsetting for an atheist because they recognised that three lives are snuffed away in a pitifully idiotic decision made in desperation.

    Maybe we should all stop reading the news and surf the net since there is always depressing things to hear on the news. But if this kind of outrage make us more responsible and sensitive to injustices around us, why not? If you do not help to stop injustice to others, who will help you when you suffer injustice?

  5. *sigh* It is sad when such things happen. There is comfort in this though.

    The children are indeed in the safest of havens and I’m sure the parents will get what they deserve, whatever that may be… whether it be mercy and forgiveness or judgment.

    Fact of matter is, they’re all gone anyway. We’ve still got others whom we can actually help. Let’s go with that. 😀

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