Latest Celebrity Break-ups…

Okay, so I rarely – if ever – write about gossips and the private/personal life of celebrities… but this time, I really can’t stay silent about this…what with three famous star couples strolling down Splitsville. The TomKat pair had better learn a lesson or two from these sad marital break-ups so that they too can avoid the same fate.

It is Mr Cruise’s third marriage attempt after all, and we certainly do NOT want to see any more couch-hopping antics on live television declaring undying love for another celebrity… hope poor Katie Holmes knows what she’s getting into…

Break-Up No.1

First, the most shocking one and very unexpected (to me, at least) break-up since I never heard or read about them having problems has to be the marriage of Kate Hudson, daughter of Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn, and husband Chris Robinson. They were married for six years before announcing back in July 2006 that they are going their separate ways. I don’t even know where to start speculating about the reason for their divorce as their marriage have been quite low-key compared to other celebrities.

The pair have one child.  

Break-Up No.2

On Oct 30,Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe, both Hollywood actors of different pedigree, announced to the world that they are separating, Witherspoon filing for divorce this past week. Witherspoon had starred in the Legally Blonde movies and a number of passable movies prior to her amazing turn as June Carter Cash in Walk The Line which bagged her numerous acting awards including an Oscar this year.That film effectively catapulted her into the A-list category of stars that are constantly on demand, and I bet that hubbie Philippe is more than a little green with envy. Well, whatever the reason may be, the two of them have been married for seven years and now, they’ve decided to divorce. All I can  say is that it’s so very, very sad.

My heart goes out to the two kids, and it’s heartening at least to know they’re applying for joint custody.

Break-Up No.3

Arguably the biggest break-up and the most expected one of all – pop princess Britney Spears and hubby singer-actor wannabe Kevin Federline. And Spears herself dropped the bombshell merely months after giving birth to their second child. On Nov 7, Spears filed for divorce from K-Fed, citing irreconcillable differences as the reason for the divorce.

Post-partum disorder maybe? Poor Spears… But I feel no pity for her though. Have never liked her ever since she went all slutty and loco (who could forget her drunken marriage with Jason Alexander in 2004 which lasted only two days??). And I never liked K-Fed either…I always thought he was riding on Spears’ fame and was simply being a nasty little leech. 

And I guess K-Fed was… being a very nasty bastard for threatening to release sex videos of him and her together if she doesn’t pay her a certain amount of millions. And this is another problem I have with these idiotic celebs… if they don’t want people to know about their sex lives, stop filming them dirty videos!!! (Of course, some are obviously doing it for more fame and publicity as well as earning a side-income – Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee case in point).

Again, it’s Spears and K-Fed’s two very young boys that I worry about. Their future may be one filled with luxury and fame, but I cannot imagine how screwed up in the head they’ll probably be if they don’t have an efficient and stable relationship with their parents. It’s obvious there’s going to be a lot of bad blood between these two stars now, and it’s definitely not going to be very good for the kids’ growth.


The longevity of most Hollywood marriages have long been discussed and it’s no longer a puzzle for most people. Most Hollywood romances really don’t work out but there are those that do work out and more often than not, the marriages that last in Hollywood are truly couples who love each other undyingly and truly faithful to one another. Warren Beatty and Annette Benning is an example (though it’s Benning’s 2nd marriage) – 14 years of marriage. So does Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (though it was Tom Hanks’ 2nd marriage) – 18 years of marriage. The best, I think, is Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens‘ marriage – lasted an incredible 52 years!!! Even then, it’s Mr Douglas’ 2nd marriage!

Seems like there’s a trend that if the first time doesn’t work out, they might hit lucky the 2nd time around. Guess this should be a little heartening for Spears, Witherspoon, Hudson, Jessica Simpson (who started the ball rolling among celeb break-ups by divorcing Nick Lachey in June 2006) and even Angelina Jolie (married twice already though, so I can understand why she wants to be with Brad Pitt but not marry him) and Jen Anniston.

Whatever these celebs do, I hope they just don’t follow in the footsteps of Dame Elizabeth Taylor…who has gone through (gasps!) EIGHT MARRIAGES!!! And twice with the same person!

Then again, if all celebrity marriages truly have a very happy ending and they live happily ever after, there’ll be nothing much to talk about them to fill the gossip pages in the supermarket tabloids now, would there? And we all know what happens if you’re not in the news frequently… it’s every celebs’ nightmare, I bet, to know that one’s popularity is fading from people’s memories.

So what do you do?

Their most trusted publicists will probably give ’em these options: 1) Hook up, separate and then patch things up again. 2) Have a big ass fight over something trivial. 3) Make sex videos and “leak” it out to the press. 4) Join a cult, Scientology preferably. 5) Get pregnant. Give birth. Hide baby from public. Then, reveal baby to the media in style. 6) Get pregnant, then fly off to some isolated African country to get away from the media but still expect media to be there.

Well, the list is practically endless, I can go on, but I don’t many of you would be interested now would it? If you are, go get yourself a supermarket tabloid.


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