My NaNo Novel, Chapter 1

The second week of NaNoWriMo is coming to a close tomorrow and the third week shall begin. If you’ve seen the word counter on the right sidebar, you’ll noticed that I have been practically working on a snail’s pace with my NaNo novel. I would’ve liked to have written more but unfortunately, the past couple of weeks has been a nightmare rush of assignments and work, besides familial commitments. Therefore, my writing has been sporadic to say the least.

Of course, I am still quite confident in reaching my targeted 25,000 words and I still have at least 16 more days to do so. Once this week has passed, I’ll be quite free again to type out my novel.

And with that, here’s Chapter 1 from my NaNo novel, which I had tentatively and lamely titled The Guild of Dark Hunters Series.

Chapter 1: The Oracle of Light

Five Centuries Ago in a Distant Land… 

The night was calm and serene. All around the forest was still, its inhabitants blissfully asleep, undisturbed by the solitary figure striding through the night forest. Clad in a dark green cloak, the figure blends into the surrounding environment.  

The night was unusually still, the stranger felt it strongly in his heart. A storm was brewing. 

He gazed towards the cloudless night sky, seeking guidance among the stars. The bright silver moon illuminated all in its path, stars dotted the pitch black sky – lending some light to the eerie darkness that has fallen upon mankind. 

The stranger hurried forth with an urgency in his heart towards his destination, the silver moonlight seemingly guiding him. He was careful to keep an eye out for anything that might suddenly burst forth from the dark shadows of the trees, his hand never leaving his sword’s handle.  

Soon, he slowed down to a trot and came to a clearing. In the middle was a small pond. The moonlight, as if by some unseen force, began to concentrate its focus on the pond. An ethereal light emanated from around the pond. He sensed a great power here – power of peace. 

The stranger hesitated, casting a wary glance around him for any unseen adversary but at the same time, felt comforted. It was then that he knew he would be safe here – for the moment. He looked across the small pond the gentle ripples of the surface glinted like diamonds under the moonlight. Clearly, as ordinary as it looked, this was a pond unlike any other. 

So, ‘tis the famed Oracle, thought the stranger, for he had thought that something as powerful as the Oracle was said to be would be something more glorious to behold. 

The stranger stepped slowly forwards, drawn to the clearly magical pond. He knew what the Oracle was meant to do, among other things.  

But dare he look into it? Dare he see what the future holds for the Guild? Will the Darkness reign over mankind for eternity? Will salvation ever come? 

He wanted to tear away from the Oracle. So many questions he wanted to enquire of the Oracle but its answers he dared not know. The Regent would need to know – there’s no time for hesitation. If the Guild of Dark Hunters were to triumph in this grave hour, the Regent would need to know from the Oracle – it was why he was sent here in the first place. 

With a heavy sigh and a heart full of worry, the stranger edged closer to the Oracle till the toes of his feet nearly touched the surface of the pond. 

Then, he closed his eyes and began to recite a prayer that he had been told to say:                                               

In times of need… We seek of your wisdom                       

In times of strife… We seek of  your guidance                       

In times of darkness… We seek of your light                       

Reveal to us, Oracle of Light                       

The true path, the right path                       

That we, the Order, must now take                       

Enlighten us of the way which we must now tread forth                       

In Ellos’ precious name                       

We humbly ask                       

Of the Oracle of Light 

The stranger opened his eyes and peered into the depths of the crystal clear Oracle of Light. For a moment, only his reflection stared back at him – the handsome face of a youth with steely grey eyes, anxiety etched on the face. 

Just when he thought that the Oracle, too, had failed to aid the Guild, a sudden powerful gust of wind nearly threw him off his feet. The sudden wind centred around the pool, the surface of the water rippling as the wind sweeps over the surface. 

Something beneath the surface of the pool began to glow ever brighter, expanding ever wider until the whole pool shone. The stranger took several steps backwards away from the pool as he was overawed by the power of this ancient magic now presiding over the Oracle. 

By Ellos’ hallowed name! I have not seen anything like this the stranger gasped, feeling honoured yet humbled by this display of power from the Father of Light. 

As the stranger looked on, the pool started bubbling, and then, a wondrous pillar of light burst forth from the depths of the pool. A light so powerful, so blinding that it illuminated the entire clearing, dispelling whatever dark shadows that lurked among the trees. The stranger had to shield himself from the light, and trembling, he fell to his knees. 

The light gradually subsided, leaving behind a glowing orb of pure light floating above the surface of the pool. The stranger, through the gaps of his fingers, saw that the orb and when it was safe to see, he crawled nearer to the orb. 

The moment the stranger really looked at the orb and he cried out in pain, his hands clutching the sides of his head and he howled. 

The orb, acting like a transmission source between the heavens and mankind, had flashed its answer to the messenger. Even now, images and a strange song was relayed into the mind of the messenger before it, the contents ingraining and etching themselves in the messenger’s mind so that he would not soon forget Ellos’ promise. 

As fast as it had begun, it was soon all over. The orb became still and silent in the night. The stranger, face glistening with sweat, looked up at the orb from where he laid, still wincing with pain from the mental transmission.   

Praise be to Ellos! Your humble servant shall do as it has been decreed! whispered the stranger in his heart. 

The orb, as if it had heard the stranger, began its descend, returning once more to the depths of the Oracle, for the last time in this age until it’s services would be required once more in the distant future. 

The stranger, with renewed vigour, stood with his head held high. A new fire aflamed within him. The fire of hope. Hope for better things to come that would deliver all of them from this dark times. Hope for the one who is destined to be the greatest Light Bearer of all. 

For a moment, he stood there, eyes closed, replaying the images that had been delivered to him. And once more, he gave praise to the Eternal Light who has done all this. 

A distant explosion and the roar of a raging battle from afar reached the stranger’s ears, and quickly, he realised with dread that the city, his city was under attack. Somewhere in the distance, he was able to see smoke rising from the tree tops. 

No! and the stranger sped forth in the direction of the city. Summoning all his strength and the protection of Ellos, he ran like he hasn’t ran before. Regent, I pray no harm has come upon you.  

And as he burst forth from the eerie shadows of the  forest, a horrifying sight greeted him.  

All manner of demonic creatures spawned from the very depths of hell itself was spewing forth through glowing craters on the earth. Clouds of menacing demons with bat-like wings and razor sharp talons the stranger knew of as Grims swooped down from the sky, terrorising the defenders in the city of Langsfort, one of the few remaining bastions for the remnants of the Order of Light. 

Ellos, help us! Never has there been such an outpouring of evil like this. Has darkness and evil truly won dominion over this age? 

Unsheathing and raising his sword high above him, the stranger uttered a prayer in a strange tongue and something awesome began to happen.  

The tip of his sword began to glow as the stranger’s Spirit Force gradually increased in strength. Crackling and buzzing with power, the stranger unleashed his Spirit Force and charged forth at the horde of demons swamping Langsfort.


  1. WOW! Mystery, suspense, action…right out of the gate. I love it! Are you holding some back? Didn’t seem like 8000 words up there.

    Once again, our lives have taken an interesting parallel in that obligations keep us from our literary endeavors for longer than we’d like; but at least we’re trying, right? Stiff upper lip and all that rot, eh? 😉


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