Three Hours away and the NaNo’ing Begins!

Oh boy…feeling the shivers now.

Here’s a brief on what my story is supposed to be:

A schoolboy and his ragtag group of friends in the battle against demons invading the human world. Fighting alongside these kids is one mage who mentors the hero kid in the ways of detecting and battling the demons and other forces of Darkness to fulfill a hundred-years old prophecy about the rise of the most powerful, God-chosen Dark Hunter who will restore the balance between Light and Darkness for a millenia.

Not very original, huh? Heh, I’ve been doing a lot of borrowing here and there, character-wise. The only difference is that my story will have a very Asian setting in that it’s set in Malaysia! I’ve already pictured a battle scene to take place in the Sky Bridge of the Petronas Twin Towers!

Oh boy, this is gonna be so much fun!


  1. 1226 words now. Adding a widget so I can keep track. XD

  2. Selamat Bernano! Take care it doesn’t get ‘restricted’ :-p

  3. Sora

    Just did my first word count (HOORAY!). 922, a drop in the bucket compared to you and Naoko, but it is something at least. I’m a bit hampered by my work schedule, but hopefully I’ll make up some ground on Monday and Tuesday.

    This IS fun. I keep having to tell myself to stop trying to write what you think will look good and just write. The story so far is up for perusal, comments, queries, praise, criticism, banning, etc.

    Good luck everyone!!

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