Happy Halloween, everyone!

I’m not an avid follower of Halloween, but who can resist having a fun time partying and dressing up as evil ghouls, phantoms, witches and movie vilains as well as playing trick or treat while we were kids? Halloween is not just for kids anymore these days, even grown ups get on the act too, with many corporate functions and social gatherings throwing parties to celebrate this spooky celebration.

Halloween for me, brings back memories of two years ago when the private school I was working for then had thrown a Halloween party for the kids. It was a blast for the children, all of them enjoying themselves very much as they searched the classrooms for hidden teachers who are giving away sweets and candies to the children. Who would’ve thought getting mobbed by kids in all sorts of costumes and ghoulish make up and accessories would be so much fun?

Below are two pictures that I have from that day. Miss ’em so much and I hope they are all well.

students_Halloween2004-1 My former Grade 6 students partying on Halloween Night 2006

And for the rest of you, hope you have happy memories of this annual spooksfest. It may not be as much as fun in Malaysia as it is in America, but I do hope everyone have fun on this day.

Meanwhile, why don’t those of you who have nothing on for the night/day check the links below about how Halloween had originated. Halloween, a very long time ago, was never a costume celebration – it was a day set apart to commemorate/honour the dead, just like the Chinese’s Hungry Ghost Festival and the Christians’ All Souls Day.

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