NaNoWriMo 2006!


I am all geared up for National Novel Writing Month 2006! Only 2 more days!! November will be one heck of a busy month!

I’ve got my plot and I’ve got my characters all lined up! The only thing lacking now is DIRECTION, which I purposely did not prepare ’cause am interested to see where this wacky, wildly imaginative mind of mine will take my characters to. This ought to be more fun, now that this is my 2nd year participating in this event and no longer pressured with meticulous planning and achieving the 50,000 word target.

The important thing to remember is that this is about having FUN writing! This ain’t about competition, well may be a wee little bit but it’s not the important thing, k?

Last year’s, for me, was generally a nightmare, spent more time meticulously planning my story and developing my characters. Now I know to throw all planning away and just let my mind and fingers do the trick. You must be thinking I’m crazy, but heck, aren’t all writers supposed to have a loose screw somewhere in their brains? If the brain is locked down nice and tight, how will writers like me ever get our creative juices flowing?

Please join if you haven’t yet decided! It’s worth your while! Head over to the sidebar on the right and look for the NaNoWriMo buttons and click ’em. It’ll take you straight the main site where you can register as a participant and join thousands of people all over the world on this one month of novel-writing madness!

If only everyone in the world joins in this one-month novel-writing phenomenon…the world would’ve experienced one month of precious peace!


  1. I think I’m in the same boat as you… I’m all stoked up too!

    Got my characters, got my setting… all I need is to write down what they do and where they go and hopefully I’ll have a story in 50k words and one month! No direction for me either… I’m letting my characters tell their story. I just hope they won’t give in to sloth and sit around doing nothing.

    Good luck, EW!

  2. Good luck. Would love to join but I don’t think I can last that long commitment-wise. Too many things demand my attention.

    P.S. Good luck, EW?!! *ROFL TOO CUTE!!! ROFL*

  3. Ted: Best of luck to you too! Don’t be slothy now! Write, write, write! (^^)

    Dreamer: *Sweats*

    Too bad, you’ll need the challenge, to polish up your rusty writing skills after all that time in the Canon retail store.

  4. Sora

    OK, I’m in! I have no characters, no story, no idea where to begin my first NaNoWriMo attempt. And I only need to put down 1,667 words a day to make the 50,000? (Holy *%^#, what have I gotten myself into?)

    Now where did I put that speech-to-text software??

  5. Dang, Sora… you have a speech-to-text software???

    Hehehe…now you’re in you’ll never get out!! Wahahhaha! Add me to your buddy list! What name did you register under?

  6. Sora

    “What name did you register under?”
    Why Sora, of course! ^_^

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