Two November Movies to Watch Out For

Here are two movies which I believe will certainly cause a storm in Malaysian cinemas all over, especially with the school year coming to an end soon.

HAPPY FEET (November 16)

Happy dancing penguins!More animated animals from Warner Bros. as we head out to the cold, barren winter world of Antartica! The animals this time around are none other than the Emperors of the Antartic – a buncha singin’ and tap-dancing Emperor Penguins! 

We’ve all seen those lovable, cool psychopathic penguins from Dreamworks’ Madagascar, but Happy Feet‘s penguins are much more light hearted and less psychotic, though some are still a wee bit dysfunctional all the same.

In Happy Feet, the spotlight’s on little Mumble (Elijah Wood), born to parents Memphis (Hugh Jackman) and Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman). Mumble is a poor, unfortunate penguin born without a talent for singing – a dreadful thing for an Emperor Penguin ‘cos you gotta sing to impress the lady if you ever wanna mate!

But Mumble is not without a secret weapon! In replace of his god-awful singing, the gods that created penguins gave little Mumble the ability to… TAP DANCE! And boy, little Mumble can dance a tappety-tap-tap so good that it got all the penguins grooving!  

The Filmmakers: Aussie director George Miller, who brought us the Mad Max movies, Babe, Babe: Pig in the City and Lorenzo’s Oil is at the helm of this film. He also co-produces (with Doug Mitchell & his brother Bill) and co-wrote the screenplay (with John Collee, Warren Coleman & Judy Morris).

Also stars: Robin Williams, Hugo Weaving, Anthony LaPaglia, Brittany Murphy, dearly departed Steve Irwin and Miriam Margoyles.

Why I think it’s good: Cute, cuddly looking penguins who can tap dance something fierce! What’s not to like? A fellow blogger who has a thing for penguins will surely get a kick out of this film! Plus, after that Oscar-winning documentary, I’m sure many kids will love this one. The perfect family outing for your kids. Also, penguins are soooooo much better than icky sewer rats any day!


CASINO ROYALE (November 16)

Daniel Craig as James Bond and his luscious Bond GirlsAh, another James Bond action flick. But this is no James Bond you’ve ever known. This is the first blue-eyed Bond (thanks to actor Daniel Craig‘s startling blue eyes) and was said to be the most true-to-life depiction of Ian Fleming‘s famous character in his superspy series.

This is actually a prequel to all the James Bond flicks so far – exploring Bond’s formative years and how he is turned into such a suave, smooth talking superspy for his Majesty’s Secret Service with a penchant for Martinis (stirred not shaken…or is it the other way round?), Aston Martins and, of course, the babelicious beautiful women that he seems to bed in every single new mission!

In Bond’s first mission as double ‘oh’-seven, he is sent by M (Dame Judi Dench, looking remarkably younger thanks to makeup wizardry) to stop a nefarious banker (Danis actor Mads Mikkelsen) from winning the prize money at a prestigious casino tournament as the banker intended to use it to fund various terrorist activities. Along the way, he must hunt down the terrorists connected to the banker and stop them all once and for all.

The Filmmakers: Martin Campbell, the director who brought us the two Zorro films, is at the helm of this Bond production, his second one (he also made GoldenEye, which starred Pierce Brosnan, whom Craig replaced). Neal Purvis and Robert Wade wrote the screenplay.

Also starring: Eva Green, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Giannini, Ivana Milicevic and Jesper Christensen among others.

Why I think it’s good: Caught the trailer for this film? I thought it was very stylishly filmed and Craig projected a lot of coldness in those eyes of his that is to be expected from a superspy who kills for a living. A far cry from all the playful, womanising Bond that we’ve come to love and know. Still, it’s a matter of personal opinion though, most Bond fans are still divided over whether Craig can do the job. Nevertheless, there’s enough loud explosions and cool action scenes to make everyone happy.


Well, that’s all, folks!

Remember, have fun at the movies but I beg you all to please, please make sure you all behave yourselves at the cinemas! We go to cinema to watch a film and be entertained but what’s happening on the big screen in front of us, NOT for all the drama that you and your friends or kids are causing!


  1. filmfan82

    Interesting blog! Got here while researching on the Casino Royale movie.

    I’m really looking forward to this one too, like you, I think the action scenes in the trailer looked very cool! I think Craig will turn out nicely as Bond. I don’t quite understand why people hate him so much! He’s really not such a bad actor!

    Oh, do you know? There has been a Casino Royale movie done before! It was a long time ago, in the 1980s I think!

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